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There seems to be bad blood between the old FPX squad

DoinB Dishes on Drama With Former Teammate Tian

Esports 26-01-2023 17:45
Doin B 2019 worlds semi finals
DoinB doesn't have kind words to say about his former teammate. | © Riot Games

Drama is stirring in the LPL and two former World Champions are at the center of it all. While the league is currently taking a break thanks to the Lunar New Year celebration in China, some drama has been revealed on social media involving former FPX mid laner Kim "DoinB" Tae-sang and TES jungler Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang. 

Let's go over the drama and what exactly has been said. 

League of Legends: Tian Weibo Posts Hint At Breakup

It all started on January 23, 2023 when Tian went on Weibo, a Chinese social media website, and posted a depressing message "need no emotions" followed by a puking emote. He then went on to cancel his other posts. His girlfriend also stopped posting, causing many to believe that the initial Weibo status was due to relationship problems. 

Tian later confirmed this. In a translated post from LPL fanclub on Twitter Tian had this to say about the breakup, "It is a pure relationship problem. A girl dated a boy, and the girl concealed that she used to have a relationship with his friend. The boy warned multiple times not to hide this, then found out the truth then separated. Who's right who's wrong?

Basically, even after he'd asked her multiple times she'd denied having a relationship with someone and in the end it turned out that she'd been lying, breaking their trust. This caused Tian to delete his post and go on an unfollow stream, of which DoinB and his wife were also affected. 

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DoinB Blames Tian For Nuguri's Pro Career Decline 

After getting unfollowed by Tian on social media, DoinB, in true DoinB fashion, talked about it on stream, expressing his dislike for the jungler, even going as far as to blame him for former FPX top laner Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon retiring from professional League of Legends. 

LPL fanclub translated part of DoinB's stream where he talked about Tian and how he is a difficult person to get along with. 

Generally speaking, it is other people not willing to play or talk with Amumu. But you don't want to talk to anyone, you turned yourself into Amumu. You can't blame everyone for this, you should blame yourself. No one from the old FPX is talking to him these days

DoinB is known to talk about players in code, giving them nicknames, in this case he gave Tian the nickname "Amumu". Not only did DoinB state that Tian was someone who is to blame for his own solitude, but that he also went and attacked players' individual family members after losing scrims. 

He also hinted at the fact that after his season in China with FPX, Nuguri decided not to continue playing League of Legends. At the time, Nuguri decided to step back from professional League to work on his mental health. This, with the accusations of DoinB, has many people believe that Tian could be the main cause of Nuguri's early retirement. 

Tian Refutes DoinB's Claims Regarding Nuguri

Tian did send one more message on Weibo explaining his side of the story and he did own up to his mistakes, apologizing for some of his past behaviour, but he did refute that he had anything to do with Nuguri's retirement. In the translated post by iCrystalization, Tian stated, "I personally did not have any disputes or conflicts with Nuguri; I have a clear conscience on this. My relationship with my friends, no one can speak on behalf of the other, so don’t be misleading and spread rumors". 

The last part of the message was clearly meant for DoinB whom he believes to be spreading misinformation, but DoinB added one more comment, calling Tian selfish with his response. 

So, even though there is no LPL action, it seems that there is some spicy things happening, but whether it really was Tian who was at fautl for Nuguri's early retirement can only be proven by the former professional player himself.

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