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Iconic LoL Caster Could Make A Comeback This Week

PapaSmithy is back! | © Riot Games

PapaSmithy was once one of the most well loved League of Legends casters in the world, but he left casting to pursue a new career. Now he will make an appearance once again. 

After inviting former LCS host Ovilee back on the broadcast, as well as having a QTCinderella feature, it's time for another old and beloved face to make it to the LCS broadcast and who better than Christopher "PapaSmithy" Smith, right?

LCS Broadcast Welcomes PapaSmithy

PapaSmithy is a well-known and beloved caster in the League of Legends community, having put a voice to the LCK for a long time. Currently he is the president and chief gaming officer for FlyQuest, who have been the most exciting team to watch in the LCS this 2023 Spring Split. 

On March 7, 2023 the former caster sent out a tweet, stating that it was the right time for him to make a casting comeback, tagging the official LCS Twitter in his own tweet. This could mean that PapaSmithy will be on stage this weekend again, right?

The official LCS account did reply to PapaSmithy asking if he was free and with FlyQuest going up against Team Liquid, a new rivalry that has formed throughout the 2023 split, he said he would be free to cast that game. 

Of course, it's all fun and games and with the new approach to the broadcast the LCS has taken, having someone like PapaSmithy join the casting for this coming weekend would be pretty fun and incredible. 

What other casters or pro players would you like to see invited to the LCS broadcast in the future? Having Sneaky in cosplay would sure bring in some viewers, or even inviting well-known community members could also boost the popularity of the LCS once more. 

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