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QTCinderella Returns to LCS broadcast for Final Day of Superweek

News 17-02-2023 15:50
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The LCS is bringing back QTCinderella to the broadcast for the final day of Super Week.

It is no secret that the LCS has been struggling with its viewership numbers for quite a while now. However, they are still taking measures to try to spark those numbers. This year, the LCS has invested heavily in bringing big esports and LoL personalities into their broadcast to hopefully spice things up. One hit, in particular, was the Twitch streamer QTCinderella.

Some of you might know QT from one of her baking streams or for being the creator and co-host of the Streamer Awards, but she actually started her Twitch career playing League of Legends

The American streamer has also worked as a cake decorator in the past, and it was therefore fitting that she did exactly that in her segment on the LCS Boradcast. In the segment, QTCinderella and  FlyQuest jungler Spica each decorated a Yuumi cake, and Spica followed QT's design. 

Check out the QTCinderella segment here:  

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A lot of LCS fans loved the segment, and the QTCinderella Apreciantion post was even trending on the League of Legends Reddit with almost 5k upvotes. 

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Also, Esports personality LS loved the QTCinderella segment, stating it is a great way to get to know the players. Additionally, he thought it was a cool concept for him as a co-streamer because it allowed him to get some breaks from the usual analytical part of League of Legends. 

It is, therefore, no surprise that the LCS has decided to bring QT back for the final day of the LCS Super Week. The news was announced yesterday on LCS' Twitter. 

In a recent interview with Anthony Padilla, QT mentioned she started first playing League while still having a full-time job. At first, she was playing around five hours per day and felt like she wasn't being productive enough and therefore decided she might as well just stream what she was doing. Now, she still streams League of Legends quite often and is signed by Misfits as a content creator. 

The LCS Super Week is going strong, and on the top, we find FlyQuest. FlyQuest went undefeated until yesterday when they had a surprising loss against TSM

We are very excited about the final games of the LCS Super week and to see QT return to the LCS!

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