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There is a clear frontrunner in NA, but who else will be in the top 3?

LCS Week 3 Impressions

FlyQuest were unstoppable once more | © Riot Games

Another week, another 2-0 from FlyQuest, who are proving to be by far the best NA has to offer - and another 0-2 for the struggling Dignitas.

Week 3 of the LCS featured several matches we were hyping to see. After dispatching Cloud9, FlyQuest would have to take on Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, two teams that had shown themselves to be firmly a part of NA's elite. Cloud9, meanwhile, would have a chance to solidify its position with a game against old rivals TSM and EG as well. What would the upper half of the table look like and would the struggling Dignitas and Golden Guardians find a way back? Here is what we saw.

Thumbs Up: FlyQuest, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians

After three weeks, it's pretty clear that FlyQuest is the best team in NA, and their wins against Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves prove it beyond a doubt. Despite both opponents playing well, the green team were on a different level and showed they can both get advantages and recover from setbacks. Don't underestimate either of these teams, though - 100 Thieves absolutely dominated Team Liquid, while EG defeated Cloud9. Meanwhile, lower on the scoreboard we got to see a much better Golden Guardians, who scored key wins against Immortals and CLG.

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So-So: Cloud9, Team Liquid, TSM, Immortals

Cloud 9 is now tied in second place alongside EG and 100 Thieves, but despite the flashy Pentakill for Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol against TSM, the team didn't quite wow us in the same way as it did in previous weeks. The loss to Evil Geniuses certainly dinted their reputation. Team Liquis and TSM, meanwhile, seem to be shaping up as mid-tier teams, both losing to a stronger team while beating a struggling one. Finally, Immortals won a much-needed game this week - admittedly off a Dignitas throw.

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Thumbs Down: Dignitas, CLG

Both teams continued their slump. For CLG, first it was getting thoroughly beaten by Golden Guardians, a team that hadn't scored a win yet, then despite a good start they got routed by TSM. Dignitas, meanwhile, is nearing red alert territory - what was shaping to be a much-needed win against IMT turned into a firm defeat after a throw at Baron, while against TL they looked simply outclassed.

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The LCS will return next week, this time on Wednesday from 11 PM CET, as 100 Thieves and Evil Genuises face off. Don't miss it!

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