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LCS Legend Retires From Competitive Play

News 30-01-2023 10:26
Goodbye Aphromoo. | © Riot Games

After ten years in the LCS, Aphromoo is beginning a new chapter in his life and is retiring as a professional League of Legends player. 

When you talk about the legends in the LCS, Aphromoo's name is definitely one to be mentioned. He started his career already back in 2013 with CLG and has been thriving ever since. Throughout his time as a pro player, he has won the LCS twice, and in the LCS Spring Split 2018, he became the first support in the history of the LCS to win the MVP Award

With a total of ten years in his pocket, Aphromoo has decided it is time to finally retire from the LCS at the age of 30. Even though many had already suspected the retirement coming after none of the LCS organizations decided to sign him, the news became public last week after he posted a video on his own YouTube titled "I'm retiring from League of Legends.

In the video, we saw a compilation of some of the greatest plays from his ten years in the LCS. Afterward, he had a video talking about his decision to retire, why, and his plans for the future.

 My body and mind are pretty much just telling me ‘it’s about that time.’ I’m done. I can go out proud of what I’ve done in League of Legends, and you know, I had a good time. 

Check out the video here: 

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Aphromoo's first appearance in the LCS was with CLG, where he gained massive popularity with his duo Doublelift. He then moved on from the organization in 2018 and has since played in 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and finally, FlyQuest.

In his last year in the LCS, Aphromoo passed WildTurtle in most games played in the LCS. Throughout his career, he has played a whopping 547 games. 

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Moving forward, Aphromoo plans to spend some time streaming, but mainly, he is ready to finally take some time to focus on the things he really enjoys, like working on his car and spending time with his family. Of course, it is always sad to see such a big personality leave the big stage, but we wish Aphromoo the best of luck in the coming time.

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