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LoL: LeTigress Takes Mental Health Break After Awful LCS Monologue

Esports 09-02-2023 12:35
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What exactly went down in the LCS? | © Riot Games

On February 4, 2023 LCS broadcaster Gabriella “LeTigress” Devia-Allen held a monologue trying to hype up the TSM and 100 Thieves matchup. The segment was found to be insensitive, as well as unprofessional by the community, as well as pro players alike. 

LeTigress has since made a statement on Twitter, but most feel like she is painting herself to be a victim, with players like Doublelift, who were the ones involved in the monologue calling her out. 

"This is Just Weird" - Doublelift Criticizes LCS Broadcast Segment

The LCS really missed the mark with one of their most recent 'hype' segments. Right away, fans went to Reddit to discuss it and go over what they felt was unprofessional. With over 8K upvotes and 800 comments it also reached Doubleift, who reacted to the segment, calling it "weird" and stating that it felt like "over-the-top-theatricals". 

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In the monologue by LeTigress she went over the TSM drama that came to a head in 2022, with Doublelift calling out the orgs upper management, especially owner Andy Dinh, whom he called a bully. 

While watching the cut of the LCS segment of February 4, 2023, Doublelift explained that he does not have any beef with the current players or coaching staff of TSM, but rather the upper management. That's another reason why he questioned the segment overall since the players have nothing to do with the disputes between himself and the org. 

This is just weird, this is just so weird, and the way that it’s presented is so fucking weird if you really think about it. I mean, it’s workplace harassment, it’s like legality is involved, there’s like actual lawsuits involved… this is like a deeply traumatic series of events that happened to a lot of people, not just me. 

LeTigress Responds on Twitter After Backlash of Segment

After all the backlash of the segment, LeTigress went to Twitter and posted a Twitlonger apologizing for the segment and that it did not hit the mark. 

I understand how polarizing the piece is and that there are people who are hurt by my involvement. You have a right to voice your opinion and I appreciate those who do so respectfully. I’m reflecting on this moment to inform how I approach content in the future.

She also added that she is horrified by the harassment she has received since the segment went live by "anonymous trolls". She states that she has acknowledged her wrongdoing and will be doing better in the future, but that she is also human and doesn't need to have hatred and anger thrown her way. 

Doublelift responded to LeTigress' apology, stating that she should apologize to those who experienced verbal abuse and workplace harassment, adding on that LeTigress shouldn't make herself out to be the victim in this situation. 

Fellow LCS caster Azael added his own response to the apology, stating that it was a whole team at the LCS, not just LeTigress, who are to blame and will have to make sure to do better in the future. 

[Update: February 9, 2023]

LeTigress Announces Break From the LCS Broadcast

It is safe to say that Gabby received a lot of criticism after her monologue last Friday. In addition to her ill-received apology, the LCS also came out on Twitter stating that the fault didn't lie solely on her and that it was a mistake from the whole team.

Still, she is having a rough time and has finally had enough. On February 8, Gabby announced she would be stepping down from the LCS broadcast for a while to focus on her mental health and reflect. She wanted to ensure the fans knew this was a decision made by her and not the team.

LeTigress is not the first well-known face in the LoL broadcasting team who has taken a break to focus on their mental health, though under different circumstances. Last year, Aaron "Medic" Chamberlain declined his invitation to cast the League of Legends World Championship 2022 because he needed some time to focus on mental health. Also, casters like Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines and Trevor "Quickshot" Henry have done similar things in the past.

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