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League of Legends: "I Was Venting My Frustration" — Faker Apologizes For Comments Post HLE Loss

Esports 08-04-2024 17:30

League of Legends is lucky to have a star player like Faker. He recently made some comments after a difficult loss and has since then regretted his choice of words, now coming out and apologizing. 

Faker LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs HLE
League of Legends: Faker has apologized for his post-game interview. | © Riot Games

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is the most well-known League of Legends player in the world, and also the most respected. His career spans over 10-years, and he's won more trophies than most can even dream. He hasn't let the fame get to his head though, and if you'd hear him talk, you'd think LoL players weren't as toxic as they really are. 

Recently, T1 lost a playoff game in embarrassing fashion to none other than Hanwha Life Esports, who played incredibly well, with insane team work and a grip on the meta like no other. After the loss, Faker vented some of his frustration, something he has since regretted. 

League of Legends: Faker Regrets Statements Made After HLE Playoff Series

Hanwha Life completely and utterly outplayed T1 in their playoff series on Thursday, April 4. Hanwha Life, with their star-studded roster of Doran, Peanut, Zeka, Viper and Delight managed to dismantle the meta perfectly, resulting in a resounding 3-0 win, leaving the 2023 World Champions in the dust. 

Msi 2022 faker
Will Faker make it to MSI 2024? | © Riot Games

This loss seemed to not only shock the large T1 fanbase, but also the T1 players themselves. After the match, in-game leader and face of the game, Faker gave an interview, in which he stated that it was a bit unfair due to the current DDoS attacks that have plagued T1 players throughout the last few months. 

It seems though, that after a few nights of sleep and some time to mull over the loss, Faker realized that his comments weren't fair and decided to give another interview which was posted on Naver where he apologized to Hanwha Life and the team, stating that "there was a lack of consideration for the other team" when he made his comments on the loss. 

We lost 3-0 to HLW, but I was honestly surprised by the performance. I felt that they had no faults and their teamwork was good.

Faker also explained that thanks to the loss against Hanwha Life, T1 managed to bounce back in their next match against Dplus Kia. He stated that they "defeated Dplus Kia because [they] learned a lot from losing to HLE" and that he is excited to face them once more in the lower bracket final. 

Faker worlds 2023 finals
If only all LoL players took after Faker, eh? | © Riot Games

T1 have since gotten new MMR accounts by Riot, so the team can play and practice, and it seems that the DDoS attacks have also stopped recently, meaning they're able to play without interruption. 

T1 will face off against Hanwha Life a second time this Spring Playoff on Saturday, April 13. The winner will move on to play in the finals against Gen.G and also automatically qualify for the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational. 

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