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League of Legends: Riot Dev Teases Season Cinematic

News 12-04-2023 17:40
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League of Legends: Are we getting a cinematic in 2023? | © Riot Games

The start to the 2023 League of Legends season was a disaster. There is no sugar coating it, because during the first few weeks fans were expecting hype, they were expecting new information for the upcoming year and all they got were some insights into the Neeko Mid-Scope Update, which they're still waiting on. 

But recently, Riot revealed a new dev video meant for their Chinese community in which Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, Executive Producer of League of Legends, talked about what fans have to look forward to on the Rift. 

League of Legends: Could We Receive A New Cinematic? 

This year Riot is changing up some things to their ranked season. While there have been soft ranked resets halfway through the year, this time Riot has decided to turn 2023 into two ranked splits. That's also why so far there are only half the Clash Tournament dates revealed as well. 

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In the Chinese dev blog, Riot Brightmoon talks about how in 2022 some things did not work out as planned, but that in 2023 fans have some more exciting things to look forward to, like better communication with more dev blogs, the return of popular skin lines like Porcelain, as well as a cinematic. 

I'm really excited for the future of League. We have an exciting Season Start CG (cinematic) coming, which I hope you'll be excited about.

This could mean that we are going to be getting the cinematic we were missing at the start of the season. With ranked being split into two halves this year, we could receive a cinematic for the second half of the ranked season in 2023, right? 

While this was not confirmed, and only hinted at by Riot Brightmoon, it could mean that we will still be getting some form of season kick off halfway through the year. There will be skins given out halfway through thanks to the new ranked system, so why not a secon cinematic as well? 

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