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The atmosphere was amazing

LEC Expo Kicks off Finals

LEC Finals
Finally in-person finals again! | © Riot Games

The 2022 LEC Finals are in Malmö and the event has kicked off with a bang, opening the doors to hundreds and thousands of fans before the main event even starts. 

In preparation for the biggest esports event in Europe, Riot has opened up the doors, letting fans get the whole experience of an offline finals weekend and also invited them to enjoy freebies and goodies from their partners and from the competing teams. 

Multiple Teams Participate at LEC Expo

Team BDS, G2 Esports, Fnatic and Rogue all participated at the fan Expo ahead of the LEC 2022 semi-finals and finals, giving away prizes, selling merch and much more. Through these events fans can build a deeper relationship with their favorite team and hey, maybe some undecided viewers will also be able to make up their mind for who to cheer for. 

The biggest booth was hosted by G2 Esports, the only team that has already qualified for the LEC Finals and the first team to qualify for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. 

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Win Prizes with LEC Partners and Meet Prominent Personalities

Not only are you able to get merch from teams, but there are also multiple esports personalities walking around, and you're even able to win prizes simply by spinning wheels, doing a scavenger hunt hosted by KIA, one of the main partners of the LEC. 

Various streamers and online personalities were also found all around the venue, with freelance LPL caster Joe "Munchables" Fenny hosting a 1-vs-1 tournament and streamers doing meet-and-greets with fans. 

Of course, it isn't a fan expo without some LoL Cosplay and multiple fans showed up dressed as their favorite LoL champions or even their favorite skins. The LEC Expo ahead of the competition was friendly and all around positive, getting everyone excited for the semi-finals and finals. 

Is The LEC Expo Free?

Yes, the LEC Expo is completely free of charge, so if you're in Malmö, or let's be honest even Copenhagen since it's so close, then you can go for free on Sunday, September 11, to experience the hype the LEC has to offer ahead of the biggest event. Who is going to be the first seed of Europe at this year's World Championship