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Are you hype for Worlds 2022?

LoL Worlds 2022 Groups Draw - Results and Format

Esports 05-10-2022 07:00
Worlds Draw Show
Finally we're inching towards worlds! | © Riot Games

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is under a month away, which means fans are getting more and more excited to know who is playing who on the world's biggest stage. Will NA finally have some luck when it comes to their group, or are they doomed to fail once more?

With the added slot for the LEC as well, more European fans have hope of their region making it back into the finals of the event, but before we can think that far ahead it's important to check out when the group draw is and how the whole system even works. 

LoL Worlds 2022: Format

Is this your first time gearing up for Worlds 2022? Don't worry - we got your back with everything you need to know about the most exciting LoL tournament of the year. Here's a quick video from Riot Games to get you up to speed.

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Now that you've got a hang on the format, check out the groups for the Play-In and Group Stages!

LoL Worlds 2022: Group Draw

We finally know which teams will represent their region as the best of the best at Worlds 2022! The Group Draw for LoL Worlds 2022 happened immediately after the LCS Summer Split Finals, which concluded yesterday. Curious to see which teams made it into the group of death? Look away NA fans...

Basically, there will be a lot of action in the Group Stage this year. T1, Gen.G, and TES are all expected to make deep runs in this tournament - the western teams will face a difficult challenge to survive group stages at Worlds 2022.

Group Distribution at Worlds 2022

Play-In Phase Groups

The first part of the League of Legends World Championship will be the Play-In Phase which will see 12-teams from all over the world compete for the final four spots in the Group Stage event in New York City. Two groups of six will be sorted together, with teams from various pools. 

Teams from the same region cannot be in the same group. This means that the LEC third and fourth seed will automatically start off on opposite sides of the Play-In bracket. 

Play-In Phase Groups

Group A

Group B


Beyond GamingRoyals Never Give
DetonatioN FocusMeSaigon Buffalo
Evil GeniusesMad Lions
LOUDIstanbul Wildcats
Chiefs Esports ClubIsurus Gaming

Which group is the Group of Life this year? | © Riot Games

Main Stage Groups

Moving onto the second part of the League of Legends World Championship, we're going to check out the remaining twelve teams that have officially made it into the main event of the World Championship. These teams will be split into four groups, each with three teams already determined, while the final spot in each group will be determined by the results of the Play-In Stage. 

As in Play-In Stage, Riot has already seeded each team into a pool, depending on their region and position with which they finished the season. Teams from the same region also cannot be placed in the same group. For example, if JDG is placed in Group B, then Edward Gaming, Top Esports or RNG cannot be placed in this group either.

  • Pool 1: LPL1, LCK1, LEC1, and LCS1
  • Pool 2: LPL2, LCK2, LEC2, and PCS1
  • Pool 3: LPL3, LCK3, LCS2, and VCS1

The LEC, LCS and TCL just finished finish off their summer splits and summer leagues, which means the groups have been determined:

Group A

Group B

Group CGroup D
Cloud9JD GamingRogueGen. G
T1G2 EsportsTop EsportsCTBC Flying Oyster
Edward GamingDWG KIAGAM Esports100 Thieves
FnaticEvil GeniusesDRXRNG

So far, only three teams of each group is determined, and once the Play-In Phase is completed, we will know the complete groups for Worlds 2022 Group Stage. So, which group do you believe to be the group of death? Is it Group A with T1, or is Group B looking even scarier? At least Doinb is certain of his Region's chances in Group Stage.