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LoL: Faker Wins Multiple Awards At LCK Awards 2023

Esports 13-12-2023 16:00

The LCK puts on their own award show at the end of each year and T1 mid laner, Faker has won multiple awards. 

Faker MSI Finals
LoL: Who would have thought? | © Riot Games

2023 is the 10th year of Faker playing professional League of Legends. In his tenth year as one of the most dominant players on the rift, he's still top dog and has even managed to take home multiple prizes at the 2023 LCK Awards. Who would have thought, eh? 

After a turbulent season with an incredible ending, Faker has not only won the 2023 World Championship, but also multiple LCK Awards. 

LoL: LCK Awards - Faker Goes Home Big Winner

Faker and Guma MSI 2023
Faker is one of the best mid laners ever. | © Riot Games

Faker is probably the biggest name in esports and is an actual celebrity in his home country, South Korea. Now, he's going to be taking home a few awards to finish off a successful 2023. He was named the 2023 Mid Laner of the Year, as well as Player of the Year

While T1 did not have the strongest regular season this year, especially with Faker side lined for a big portion this summer due to an injury, it only highlighted just how important he is to the team and how his experience and game knowledge brings out the best in his team. 

While Faker was not the Finals MVP at the 2023 Worlds Finals, he was a key part of the winning squad, so him being named Player of the year is truly deserving. 

Ashley Kang from Korizon Esports also translated his acceptance speech on Twitter/X, so international fans could also know what the veteran player had to say after being named Mid Laner of the Year. 

This year had many ups and downs, but I am glad that I can end it well -- That I can end it in front of the fans. I am grateful and honored for being able to do so. It is true that I got the award as the best mid laner, but I believe I have gotten it because I was simply more at the spotlight. I rather think it is not because I played well, but because the fans paid attention to me. I will continue working hard

Congratulations to Faker and it'll be exciting to see how he and T1 fare during the 2024 season. Will the team finally be able to beat Gen.G? And are they going to take first place at MSI? 

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