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LoL: Fans Love The LCS Changes

Esports 22-01-2024 13:10

The 2024 Season of the LCS has just started, and a number of significant changes have been made. Many fans have now voiced their opinion on the changes, and they seem overwhelmingly positive. 

LCS Arena
The LCS Season 2024 has recently started. | © Riot Games

The 2024 LCS Season started on January 20. The first week was already super hype as we saw the rookie Sniper lock in his infamous Riven. The games look incredibly fun and the teams are absolutely ready to give it their all and win. Even the fan reception has been great so far, with even non-NA-viewers complimenting the LCS on the changes.

LoL: The LCS Changes Are Great!

LCS Studio Cover
I cannot wait to watch 100T Sniper pop off on Riven. | © Riot Games

The Reddit user u/Carlitos016 has united the community under the statement that the LCS changes are amazing. He specifically mentioned that as a viewer from the UK, his watch experience has been great. He mentions that the LCS is faster with fewer teams and less time waiting in between the games. 

For him and many others' week 1 has been a joy to watch without the need to stay up long into the night. 

In the comments of his post, many agreed with his sentiment and gave their opinion. The user u/daswef2 has particularly said that the on-air talent is incredible and that the casts have been great. This is of course because the absolute best caster in the west and my personal GOAT, CaptainFlowers is casting the LCS.


The only complaint that has come up is the font choice of the LCS. It can be hard to read numbers like 8 or 0 because they look too similar. Fans have also voiced their wish for a Grub counter. 

In general, the reception for the 2024 LCS Season has been great, and I cannot wait to see the broadcast evolve over the season with the storylines of the teams. 

How about you? Do you watch the LCS or any competitive League? And if so, are you enjoying th changes? 

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