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Is Faker Coming back?

LoL: Poby Back In LCK Challenger - Faker's Return Imminent?

Esports 31-07-2023 11:10
LCK T1 Poby
LCK: Is Poby going to sit out the next T1 match? | © Riot Games

The LCK is in full swing as the teams try to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship on home soil this year. One team, that many had pegged as favourites has been struggling though amidst an injury of their veteran mid laner. 

Now, it seems like T1 could see light at the end of the tunnel with replacement mid laner Yoon "Poby" Sung-won playing on the Challengers team. Does this mean that Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is set to return this week? 

LoL: Will Faker Return To T1 Lineup Soon? 

Faker has been missing from the T1 lineup for the last month. After it was revealed that he'd been playing through an injury at the start of the season, he took some time off to get his injury looked at and to recuperate. 

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Throughout the month T1 has basically lost every single match as the team tried to gain some form of synergy with their young replacement Poby. On July 31, 2023 the mid laner was called back to the Challengers team though, which has some fans thinking that Faker could return soon as well. 

Though, in a recent post-game interview head coach Im "Tom" Jae-hyeon stated that T1 would make an official statement ahead of the return of Faker, which has not happened yet. 

Possible Role Swap For T1 In Upcoming Match

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When it was revealed that Faker would sit out due to an injury, some fans suspected support player Ryu "Keria" Min-seok to switch roles and take up the mid lane position, especially after seeing him play mid champions in solo queue. 

Maybe, T1 is going to switch things up ahead of their next match by role swapping Keria and calling up Han "Baut" Jin-sol as their support. 

Of course, this is all just speculation though. T1 will face off against the Kwangdong Freecs on August 2, 2023 and hope to start August on a high note as they try to make the LCK playoffs. 

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