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LoL Worlds 2022: No More Perfect Pick'Ems Are Left

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The League of Legends World Championship semi-finals just finished in two exciting 4-game series. After the quarter-finals only eight players had been left with perfect Pick'Ems, but that has quickly changed after the last weekend. 

This year, any players who managed to have the perfect Pick'Em were able to get all of the Ultimate Skins in League of Legends for free. Is anyone left who is able to earn this prize though after the semi-finals in Atlanta?


DRX Kills All Perfect Pick'Em Hopefuls Chances

DRX is the reason why not a single perfect Pick'Em is left in 2022. Yes, not one player will be able to cash in and earn all the promised Ultimate Skins from Riot Games. Eight players had been left with the right picks, but all eight players had the same LoL World Championship Final picked: T1 vs. Gen.G. 

With the surprising win over Gen.G though, DRX managed to earn their spot in San Francisco. almost 83% of players had picked Gen.G as the winner of the second semi-final. Throughout the whole 2022 season DRX hasn't managed a single game win over Gen.G so the predictions made sense... but DRX received the biggest arena buff from anyone and they completely crushed Gen.G in their semi-final win. 

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With this win they march on to face T1 in the finals. Will Deft be able to earn his first-ever League of Legends World Championship title? Thus far a total of 84% of players have picked T1 to take home the Summoner's Cup, but odds haven't mattered for DRX who have done the unthinkable by making it this far. 

With no more perfect Pick'Ems on the line, who do you think will earn the title of 2022 League of Legends World Champions? The underdogs of DRX or the heavy favourites T1? 

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