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LoL Worlds Finals Stream: When And Where To Watch

Esports 17-11-2023 16:33

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship is coming to an end, but where and when should you tune in to the live stream? 

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LoL Worlds 2023 Finals Stream: This is where you can watch. | © Riot Games

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship finals will feature the best LPL and LCK team, with fans anticipating another great series. The last few years have offered insane matches in the finals and 2023 is also looking to be one for the ages. 

Will T1 be able to bring home the trophy after a failed attempt in 2022, or is Xiaohu finally going to be getting his first ever World Championship? Who is the best top laner between an icon like TheShy and a young prodigy like Zeus? So many questions, and they'll all be answered soon. 

LoL Worlds Finals Stream: Where To Watch

So, one of the most important aspects is going to be where to tune in to watch. You've got a lot of options, since Riot offers streams in any and every language. There are official streams in most languages, but since you're reading this article in English you'll likely be looking for the English streams. 

Watching on will enable you to receive watch drops from Riot, which includes things like emotes and icons. Just log in to your Riot account and you'll be able to earn these rewards while watching the finals.

If you want to experience the finals in a completely different way, then you can also choose to watch an official co-stream. Some streamers are even going to be in the stadium to co-stream the event. The list of co-streams is also on the official Riot page if you're looking to watch the finals in a brand-new way. 

When Is The LoL Worlds Finals Stream? 

The League of Legends World Championship Finals will take palce on November 19, 2023. On the website the time is set for 9:00 am CET // 12:00 am PT. You can tune in to any of the above mentioned pages to be able to watch. 

You should also tune in a bit earlier to make sure to catch the official opening ceremony which is going to feature HEARTSTEEL and NewJeans. 

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