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DoinB Believes the LPL to Be Stongest Region Going into Worlds

Doinb worlds FunPlus Phoenix
Will we see another world finals with the star mid laner? | © Riot Games

Even though DoinB and his team just barely managed to secure a spot for Worlds 2022, he is confident in himself and his region.

Worlds 2022 is about to start, and we can't wait to see who will end up as the best League of Legends team in the world this year. As usual, we expect the strongest teams to come from the LCK and LPL, though maybe we will be surprised and finally see some of the western teams from the LEC or LCS pop off. Perhaps this is the year for NA?

Even though we can only wait to see how the event will turn out, LNG's mid-laner and World Champion, DoinB, seems pretty confident in his region this year. During a recent stream, DoinB came out and said that besides Gen.G, no other LCK team could beat the LPL teams, regardless of whether it is LPL's first or last seed.

DoinB and his team play in the LPL and just managed to secure a spot for Worlds 2022. Even though he is not 100% sure about LNG winning worlds, he is confident the team will at least make it out of groups. DoinB explained that he has been scrimming lately, and he believes the only possibility for them not making it out of groups is if they face Gen.G. He then continues to explain that his team has improved significantly since Spring and is ready to compete amongst the best of the best.

[Update September 13, 2022]

DoinB just came out with more predictions about the upcoming League of Legends World Championship during another stream. He has now been scrimming even more teams from the LCK and LPL and has come to the following conclusion. 

Firstly, he believes Gen.G to be first place in their group with a 100% certainty. Gen.G is currently in group D together with CTBC Flying Oyster and 100 Thieves, so this prediction is very likely to be true. It seems like DoinB has gained a lot of respect for the LCK superteam, as he states that Gen. G is too strong and a level above all the other LCK teams. He predicts that T1 has no chance against Gen.G and that T1 would not win a single game against them if the two Korean teams were to face off.

Looking again at the LPL teams, DoinB sees this as their year. The meta is very for TES and JDG, as bot lane seems to be less important than before. Therefore, he predicts that also JDG and TES will advance from their groups in first place. He is also certain that RNG, the team from LPL in Play-Ins, will easily make it into groups. 


DoinB already won Worlds in 2019, together with his former team FunPlus Phoenix. Back then, the mid laner received a lot of attention because of his very supportive wife, Tang Xiaoyo, and got known for having one of the first and most effective "Wife Buffs." Now, in 2022, the couple revealed they are expecting a child, and we can only wait and see if the future baby can contribute to a "Dad Buff" for Doinb next year.

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