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LoL: Young NA Talent Warns Others And Has Radical Suggestion For Anyone Trying To Go Pro

Esports 15-05-2023 17:50
Tenacity 100thieves
LoL: This player warns other young ones from playing in NA. | © Riot Games

In a recent interview with Travis Gafford, Milan “Tenacity” Oleksij announced his retirement from professional League of Legends, but also gave some stern advice to any North American players looking to make it big in esports. 

His advice might be radical, but with the current situation of North American League of Legends, it could be quite important for players and their future as part of the professional ecosystem. 

LoL: Tenacity Announces Retirement

Tencity has played a split for 100 Thieves and has since decided that he feels content creation is more his thing, instead of playing professionally. So, he is retiring from professional play, and hoping that content creation is the way to go for himself. 

In the interview with Travis Gafford, Tenacity had some words of advice for young talented players from North America who want to make League of Legends their profession on stage at an esports level. The advice? Move to Europe. 

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I've been telling players and […] all the young talents to just like literally book a boot camp to f***ing Europe and try to get into ERL

He explained that there is a way higher chance to be successful in Europe than in North America, due to the infrastructure which Riot has built over there, thanks to the EMEA Regional Leagues

This isn't a good look for North America, especially after the recent announcements that the import rule might be loosened even further in the coming year, as well as the mandate removal that LCS orgs needed to field a Challengers team as well. 

Tenacity explained that these moves could destroy the "pipeline to the LCS" for young players who dream of standing on stage at the LCS Arena in Los Angeles or just want to compete professionally in League of Legends. 

So, Tenacity made the choice to move to content creation, and is hoping that young players find their way into the big leagues some way, even if it means having to leave NA and go to an EMEA regional league. 

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