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Those tears hit home

LPL Mid Laner Ucal Breaks Down After Emotional Match

LPL Ucal
LoL Player Ucal lets out emotions after win over rivals. | © Riot Games

The LPL is nearing it's playoffs, meaning it's crunch time for many teams. One of those teams is none other than ThunderTalk Gaming who had to win their latest game against Top Esports to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

After the match, mid laner Son "ucal" Woo-hyeon broke down in tears, finally beating every single member of the 2018 Invictus Gaming lineup. 

LoL: Ucal Completess His Ultimate Revenge

In 2018 a young Ucal played for the highly anticipated 'super team' KT Rolster. With names like Smeb, Score, Deft and Mata, the team was meant to bring home the League of Legends World Championship trophy on home soil. Unfortunately the team was completely decimated by none other than Invictus Gaming. 

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Ucal has tried to reach the same heights, but has failed to do so since and it seems that the loss from five years ago has been weighing on the players mind for quite some time. Finally, in 2023 he has managed to get his revenge. 

Ucal, with ThunderTalk Gaming has managed to beat every single member of the 2018 Invictus Gaming World Championship squad. The team got a win over Weibo Gaming and TheShy, as well as Ultra Prime with Ning and Baolan. Finally, on March 15, 2023 ThunderTalk Gaming faced off against Top Esports and managed a 2-1 win, meaning Ucal finally beat both Rookie and JackeyLove. 

After the win he broke down in tears, getting emotional after his victory and accomplishing a long-awaited revenge over the other players. 

Ucal went to Weibo, a Chinese social media page, after the win to express his gratitude to the fans, as well as his team members. 

As of today, I have completerd the revenge fo the S8 World Championship and I am moved to tears because my teammates worked so hard. I remain true to my original aspiration until the moment of my retirement. My heart will always keep the ambition to win the games. 

ThunderTalk currently sits in eighth place of the LPL standings, with the top ten teams moving onto the playoffs. Their next game will be on Friday, March 24, 2023 against first place Edward Gaming. 

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