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MSI 2023!

MSI 2023: Prize Pool Increased With Help Of Fans

Esports 25-04-2023 18:30
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MSI 2023: If you spend RP on any pass this season, then this is the one you should do it on. | © Riot Games

MSI 2023 is finally inching closer with more and more information finally getting revealed, like the official dates of the games, as well as merch information for anyone wanting to pick up some sweet drip. 

One of the most interesting things Riot has revealed is that some of the revenue made from the official event pass, as well as bundle, will go straight into the MSI 2023 prize pool. 

MSI 2023: Event Pass And Bundle Profits To Be Added To Prize Pool

Riot has been more and more vocal and determined on their esports adventures, especially with some interesting new bundles and ideas they've got for Worlds 2023. But we're not here to talk about Worlds, instead we're going to take a look at MSI 2023 and how the prize pool for the event will be increased with the help of fans. 

In the official MSI 2023 primer, Riot revealed that 25% of the proceeds from the Inkshadow Pass, as well as Inkshadow Yone will go straight into the prize pool for the event. 

Not only that, but Riot will also create a unique Esports Premium Bundle which will include the event pass, Inksahdow Yasuo, an exclusive chroma – which we originally thought could be a free drop – and other goodies. 

50% of the proceeds from the proceeds of the Esports Bundle will be added to the prize pool as well. 

This means that we could see the biggest MSI prize pool ever at this year's event. Now we just have to wait to find out which team will be taking home that fat wad of cash and the title of MSI 2023 champion. 

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