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LCK Summer 2022 is over and T1 are making big preparations for Worlds

T1 Fans Get What They Want

T1 Team
T1 are looking to improve their chances at Worlds | © Riot Games

After countless attempts to change out their coaching staff, it seems like the T1 fans have finally gotten their way after the organization announces that Choi “Polt” Seong-hun will no longer be the Head Coach of T1. 

Earlier in Summer Split 2022, the T1 fans were uttering their dismay at the team’s coaching staff. Their discontentment came from mainly two aspects; drafting and communication. First, the fans had the impression that the T1 coaches were creating poor drafts for the players. Either their drafts relied too much on comfort picks, or they went in another direction, creating drafts demanding almost perfect execution to be playable. 

Another reason for the fans’ dissatisfaction was the lack of communication between coaches and players. The supporters believed players didn’t receive enough feedback from the coaches. Finally, the dissatisfaction reached the level where the fans decided they had to put the matter into their own hands and sent a demand letter to T1 asking for the Head Coach’s resignation. This letter never got any reaction from T1, and the fans continued to create ways to utter their frustration, like renting a truck with a big sign on it, calling the Head Coach incompetent.

Now that the LCK Summer Split 2022 is finally over, the fans might be pleased with the newest announcement, as T1 informed on September 5 that Choi “Polt” would be moving away from the role of Head Coach for Worlds 2022. T1 had this to say about the news: 

I am thankful to “Polt” for everything that he has done as he was able to shine light on a dark time during Summer 2021, and the team would not be where they are now without his efforts. And while the decision for the change is in no means a reflection of anything that he did or did not do but more of a gut decision after extensive conversations within the organization.

But now, one question remains - who will replace Polt as Head Coach for T1? His replacement will be none other than Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong. Bengi has been a big part of T1 since 2013 and has even contributed to a total of three Worlds titles for his team.

The former superstar jungler retired his career as a player in 2016 and has been part of the T1 coaching staff ever since. T1 believes Bengi to be an excellent choice for Head Coach as he already knows what it takes to win against the highest competition in the world, and he has been under one of the greatest coaches of all time, Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun

After LCK Summer Split 2022, T1 finished second place, only losing to Gen. G. Even though the demotion of Polt might seem to be a response to the loss, T1 explained that their decision had nothing to do with the outcome, as it was already made beforehand.  

There will also be another addition to the coaching staff as the organization announces the addition of Kim “Sky” Ha-neul. Sky will take over as the coach to the main roster for Worlds 2022 and they believe Sky will be a great addition as he has been seen as a big brother and mentor for many of the current players and assisted in upolding the players’ focus throughout this year. 

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