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Fans are loving the LEC!

New LEC Format Has Ruined Other Regional Tournaments

KOI vs G2
The new LEC format is just too good! | © Riot Games

The LEC has come back in 2023 with a brand-new and exciting tournament format. Fans wanted fewer best of one games and more best of three and best of five series, something the region has delivered with their new format. But has it ruined other leagues for viewers? 

Fans have been praising the new format on Reddit and some have even expressed that they feel the new format has also ruined watching other leagues, due to the intensity of each and every game. 

"Every Game Matters" - Fans Impressed With New LEC Format

It isn't often that fans, especially on Reddit, praise Riot and their decisions. But it seems that when it comes to the new LEC format, the esports team at Riot has hit the nail on the head, because there has been nothing but praise from the community on the new structure of the league. 

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The new LEC format is akin to that of a tournament, instead of a league format which is what other regions have. Some fans think that having this type of a concept in other leagues could help boost them as well and make games much more interesting. 

Especially LCS fans, who have been subjected to best of one's throughout the last few years feel that they're region could also benefit from a format like the LEC. Though, there are sometimes issues with Visas which could make it difficult for some teams to assemble before their chances are already gone, according to one Reddit user. 

Darius dashboard

LPL and LCK Formats Should Not Change

While many fans believe that the LEC concept could be applied to the LCS, most do not think that the LCK and LPL are in need of a concept change. Most agree that the LPL has the best playoff format from any region and with the amount of teams in the LPL and their city representation it could be difficult to change the league concept. 

The LCK also plays ample best of three games, which is what most fans have wanted to watch in the LEC and LCS as well, which likely means that Riot will not be changing the format anytime soon. 

The LCK has also consistently been one of the most viewed esports leagues according to esports charts, so there is no need to make any changes since the League is popular thanks to the insane talent, as well as multiple World Champions playing in it. 

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