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G2's Jungler carried his team through a turbulent week

Our LEC MVP for Spring Week 2: G2 Yike

Esports 24-03-2023 13:00
G2 Yike 2303
Yike is our week's MVP | © Riot Games

The LEC's second week of spring was a bloodbath - but through it all, G2 Esports' jungler Martin "Yike" Sundelin helped lead his team to a joint first place.

It has been a spicy week at the LEC - and that is just how we like it. With none of the pro teams going undefeated (or winless) the contest for the top 8 spots giving a place in the next stage is very much up for grabs, and with three games to go all the teams are within two wins of each other. We saw a lot of players rise up to the challenge, and just as many miss the mark. Still,the one who impressed us the most is the G2 Esports jungler, Martin "Yike" Sundelin.

The Swedish jungler was the biggest wildcard in G2 Esports' roster rebuild after the last year, as the one ERL newcomer in a squad with proven veterans. While Yike started his career in his native Nordic scene, he first came to prominence in 2022 on the LDLC OL team that made top 4 in two consecutive EU Masters tournaments. While many were not very confident in his ability to step up on the LEC stage (ourselves included), he showed up the doubters with a very strong debut split where he helped G2 regain the title. This season, he is no doubt aiming to go even higher.

While Yike's weekend started with a somewhat unexpected loss to KOI, he was still one of the better parts of his team that kept them with a small lead until the former Rogue won a clutch mid-game fight an took over the game. In the two subsequent games, however, there was no stopping the Swede. His Vi went on a rampage against Team Vitality and Team BDS, getting a total of 30 KDA over both games and dying just once. Yike dominated Vitality's Zhou "Bo" Yang-Bo and kept his team in the game in the face of a very powerful BDS early game until ihs squadmates managed to turn the game around for an impressive comeback win.

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Game 1: Vi44


Game 2: Vi709

Game 3: Vi


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Next week, G2 Esports will face off against the SK Gaming squad that defied expectations to make top 4 in the winter. Will Yike’s great form continue or will SK's own jungler, Mark "Markoon" van Woensel, serve the upset?