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Two great outings for the veteran

Our LEC MVP for Week 3: Rogue's Odoamne

Rogue fans have something to be happy for | © Riot Games

This was another 2-0 week for Rogue, who are now tied for first place in the standings. One of the key reasons for that is their top laner and our MVP for the week, Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu.

With the LEC's week 3 over, it's time to take a look at the players who really impressed us over the last few days. We saw several teams put up standout performances - Misfits Gaming seem to be shaking the cobwebs and showed us the team that could come back from seemingly any position, Rogue and Fnatic are gearing up and look to be getting in form, and in their wins MAD Lions and Excel Esports had some great moments as well. For the MVP position, however, we have selected the veteran in the Rogue top lane, Odoamne, who was instrumental in their victories against an Excel Esports that look in great form and a surprisingly tough SK Gaming.

Odo's first game was as a Gangplank into Kayle, and while this is a match were he was supposed to exert early pressure, he went above and beyond. He set up a tower dive for first blood just 3 minutes into the game before making his mark with impactful ultimates throughout the early game. A big barrel and an ultimate were key in Rogue's clutch teamfight near the Baron, which decided the game.

In Rogue's bout against SK Gaming, Odoamne switched to tank duty, picking up the LEC's first Zac for the split. Despite SK's focus on the top lane, Odo absorbed a lot of pressure. In the mid-game Rogue struggled to get past the German team's frontline and the long-range Zac engages their top laner set up were instrumental in giving his team a fighting chance. It was one such engage 28 minutes in that let Rogue get the Baron, then two minutes later he split SK in the clutch fight and made sure there would be no miraculous comeback.

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Rogue continue their season with a match against Team Vitality on July 8th. Will Odoamne's hot streak continue? Follow our coverage to find out!