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A thunderous performance for the T1 top laner vs RNG

Our Worlds Quarterfinals MVP: T1 Zeus

A truly Olympic performance | © Riot Games

With some of the best teams in the world duking it out at the Worlds quarterfinals, there is plenty of competition for the title of MVP - but for us, it is T1's top laner Choi "Zeus" Woo-je.

After the long group stage, last weekend we saw the best 8 teams at Worlds clash in the quarterfinals.  Some of the series were slugfests that went all five games while two were 3-0 blowouts. Throughout them all, we saw many amazing plays. Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, was T1's sweep of Royal Never Give Up, the LPL team that had defeated them at the Mid-Season Invitational finals in a 3-2 showdown. This time, however, RNG proved to be no match for the LCK champions - and a big reason for that was T1's man in the top lane, Zeus.

A War in the Top Lane

T1 came into the second quarterfinal bout as narrow favorites after a very strong week 2 where they easily avenged their loss to Fnatic and defeated EDward Gaming and Cloud9. RNG, however, had shown a lot of promise in their group as well, tying LCK champions Gen.G before losing a contested tiebreaker game. However, despite their fans' expectations, they proved to struggle against T1 - and Zeus' performance was a big part of that.

In the first game, his Camille quickly outperformed his opponent Chen "Breathe" Chen on Renekton to become a huge factor both in splitpushing and in teamfights. RNG chose to target him heavily in the second game and while he was set horribly behind early on, his Jayce ramped up as the game went on and became important as T1 would use his poke in the standoffs for objectives as it turned the game around from what looked like a likely RNG win.The third game saw Zeus on Yone, where he was once more heavily in the lead as T1 completed the sweep to guarantee their spot in the semifinals.

Zeus' opening game was his most impressive one, as with some early help with his jungle he shut down Breathe's Renekton and was unlocked on the map. He had a horrible start to the second game, but despite being heavily focused was able to recover and help his team in the mid-game. The last game saw him have another good game, this time on Yone, as he racked up mid-game kills as T1 routed RNG.

Game 1: Camille527
Game 2: Jayce0810
Game 3: Yone

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Zeus will have his hands full this weekend, however, as T1 will take on JD Gaming and their own top lane prodigy Bai "369" Jia-Hao on Saturday, October 30th. Don't miss it!