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With his performance, it was to be expected!

Player of Month: RNG Wei

Esports 30-05-2022 23:30
RNG Wei2
Wei plays the meta as well as some personal picks | © Riot Games

The name of RNG's Wei has been mentioned ever since the group stages, as a contender for the title of the MVP. His performance in the finals, though, cemented this fact heavily.

Royals Never Give Up, of RNG for short, were dead set on bringing the MSI trophy to China this year, and the man who made it all a possibility was Wei. And, it would not be the first time to win the MSI for this particular player, either.

Who is RNG's Wei?

Wei is a Chinese professional e-Sports player, who started his career with the Young Miracles team, before moving on to EStar Gaming, and finally landing in RNG in December 2022.

This is the second time, in a row mind you, that Wei has won the MSI trophy while on the roster of RNG. Such an accomplishment at the tender age of only 19 years old.

Player of the Month Stats

This has been an incredible month for RNG, and an incredible series of games for Wei in particular. With his incredible decision-making, flexible champion pool, and capability of both carrying games, and playing around carries, this jungler deserves the MVP title,  proving he is one of the best jungle players in the world.

Viego Splash
In the hands of a master he shows how broken he truly is | © Riot Games

Wei made games for his team this year's MSI, especially so in the finals against T1, making his stats look impressive, to say the least:

  • Win/losses: 20-4
  • Win Rate: 83.3%
  • KDA: 7.6
  • Kill participation: 66.7%

Wei's three most played champions, and those with the most impact, are:

ChampionGames PlayedWin RateKDA
Lee Sin666.7%6.9

Why the Player of the Month Award For Wei?

Aside from the most obvious argument, of winning the MSI two years in a row, which can admittedly be applied to all players on the current RNG roster, the finals were what cemented our belief in Wie's skills.

Finishing up a long and arduous five-game final, Wei stepped out with the highest KDA of all participating players, a KDA of 7.6, with a full 2.0 over his T1 counterpart, Oner, and helping his mid lane in shutting down Faker in their second victory, prompting T1 to some desperation plays in their last match.

And, though this was done primarily through the use of Viego, a champion that helped them through Spring Split qualifications to MSI, the precision with which he used Lee Sin leaves nothing to be desired.

All in all, Wei has proven once again that his first conquest of the MSI trophy was not a fluke, and that he is a jungler fit for the world stage.