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Will TL be able to win LCS in 2023?

Team Liquid Reveal Stacked Roster For LoL Team in 2023

Esports 03-12-2022 13:19
Pyosik trohpy worlds 2022
Three World Champions on one team... | © Riot Games

Team Liquid did not have the season they hoped for this summer with the LCS "superteam." After the disappointing results, it looked like Team Liquid wanted to go for a complete redo at first. However, with the recent news, one of the core players from last year will remain with the team. 

Now, Team Liquid have finally revealed their roster for the 2023 season and it looks to be a very strong roster made up of some insanely strong players, as well as talented newcomers to the LCS in 2023. The team is currently bootcamping in South Korea, hoping to be ready for the Lock-In tournament at the start of the 2023 year. 

LoL: Team Liquid Rebuild for 2023 - CoreJJ in the Front

After not living up to the fans' expectations, the organization will try a new approach going into 2023. 

Similar to Evil Geniuses, who successfully built a big part of their roster from rookies, we expect to see TL having faith in LCS' upcoming young talent and having CoreJJ as a front figure.

CoreJJ has quite an impressive resume. In 2017, the Korean Support won the League of Legends World Championship with Samsung Galaxy. He is also a two-time LCS champion and was LCS' Most Valuable Player in the 2019 Spring and 2020 Summer Split.

This year, CoreJJ will have to find another duo in the bot lane, as it is already confirmed that AD Carry Hans Sama will join forces with his past teammate Mikyx and play for G2 Esports in 2023. 

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When announcing the departure of the French bot laner, Team Liquid mentioned they were looking to do things differently, and we, therefore, expect most of Team Liquid's roster to be replaced. Additionally, Bjergsen might not only be leaving TL but also the LCS next year.

Santorin Leaves Team Liquid - Bwipo Stays on Team

On November 24, 2022 it was announced that long time Team Liquid jungler, who has spent the last two years on the team will be leaving the org. So, where does that leave the rest of the team? 

Bwipo has explained on his Twitch that he will stay with TL for now as a content creator and that he will be try-harding in solo queue and champion queue, but he likely won't have a team for the 2023 Spring Split. 

Two TL Academy Players Called up to LCS Squad

Team Liquid has decided to stick to the promise they made at the end of the 2022 season and go for a young rebuild with players from NA as the centrepieces. Therefore, they've called up mid laner Harry “Haeri” Kang and AD Carry Sean “Yeon” Sung from their academy team. With CoreJJ leading the team this could be a great start for a new LCS dyansty. 

Summit Announced as New Top Laner

Summit, who was the LCS Spring Split MVP on Cloud9 in 2022 has made his return to the LCS this year and will be joining Team Liquid. He is a very good choice in the top lane with a large champion pool and huge carry potential. With the addition of the jungle as well this looks to be one strong team.

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Pyosik Will Join Team Liquid in 2023

Now there have been rumours floating around on Reddit that the upcoming jungler for Team Liquid might be the most recent LoL World Champion, Pyosik. Those rumours have now been quelled and proven to be accurate. In the most recent statement from Team Liquid it was announced that Pyosik will finish off the lineup for the team, meaning they've got a complete Korean roster, or well Korean-American as well. 

So, even though TL does have two imports, the rest of the team, as well as coaching staff speaks Korean so there shouldn't be any communication issues. Will this be the Team Liquid Roster that will finally bring some hope back to the LCS? 

Marin and Reignover Named As Coaches

Marin is a World Champion, having won the 2015 League of Legends World Championship alongside SKT T1. He will be making his head coach debut on Team Liquid, but he won't be alone. Reignover, who had previously played on Team Liquid will be assissting him in this new role as well. This will complete the TL roster for 2023. What do you guys think of this team? 

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