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The big upset sees LCK's fourth team to the final

Worlds 2022: DRX Win 3-1 Series against Gen.G

Esports 01-11-2022 01:00
Pyosik Zekawinw 3110
Pyosik and Zeka carried DRX hard | © Riot Games

DRX broke its losing streak against Gen.G at just the right time, defeating the LCK champions 3-1 in the second Worlds Semifinal to earn themselves a match against T1 at the final.

On  Sunday, DRX faced off against LCK champions Gen.G in the second Worlds Semifinal. With T1 already waiting at the finals after their victory against JD Gaming, the two remaining South Korean teams had to decide who would take on the legendary T1 that once more looked on form. Gen.G was coming as the big favorites not just because of their strong domestic season - they had also defeated RNG to take first place in the group before taking down DWG KIA in a five-game series. Meanwhile,  as the last LCK seed DRX had to fight through the Play-in before taking the first place in the group after a tiebreaker against Rogue and to reverse sweep EDward Gaming in the quarterfinal. Gen.G was coming in as the heavy favorite, not just because of their higher seed but also because they had won all games against DRX this season. Yet how much would that matter on Sunday?

Gen.G had the stronger start to the series, amassing a gold and objective lead in the first game despite a relatively low-kill game. The secured the Baron after a 2-0 teamfight 25 minutes in and fully took over the map, slowly extending their gold lead and closing the game in a very confident fashion. The second game looked to be going in a similar fashion after they got an early kill, but this time DRX had better control over the map and eventually secured the Infernal soul and a Baron after a clutch standoff near the dragon pit. With those major buffs, DRX was fully in control and after winning another key fight near the elder, closed out the game to break their long losing streak.

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The underdogs were not content with a single  win, however, and jungler Hong "Pyosik" Chang-hyeon was on fire in the third game, setting up several ganks that set his team for success. As the game went on, Kim "Zeka" Geon-woo’s Akali took over and the young mid laner delivered a classic performance on the Rogue Assassin, cleaning up the enemy backline in teamfight after teamfight to put his DRX on match point.

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Now with their backs on the wall, Gen.G fought hard to get control over the fourth game, but there were signs the pressure was getting to them. Still, top laner Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon’s Renekton had a very strong showing and the LCK champions were virtually even 33 minutes when a clutch fight near the ocean drake ended in DRX securing the Ocean soul and a 4-2 fight. With this buff and the Baron they soon secured, they were unstoppable and ended the series at 3-1.

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