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Who is going to take the crown?

"Worlds is a Festival" - DRX Deft Looks to Take on Former Support Keria

Esports 31-10-2022 15:30
Worlds 2020 Keria and Deft
One of these two will lift the Summoner's Cup in 2022. | © Riot Games

The year is 2020, DRX has made it to the quarter-finals of the World Championship with Chovy in the mid lane, Doran in the top lane and Deft alongside Keria in the bot lane. The team made up of incredible young talent and one of the best veterans in the game... now two members of this team face one another in the finals at the 2022 LoL World Championship. 

DRX has done the unthinkable and managed to beat Gen.G in the semi-finals. Now they face one more Goliath in T1 and Deft is going to go up against his former support, Keria. 


DRX 2020 Members Face Off in Finals

In an interview with Ashley Kang of Korizon Esports, Deft has stated that Keria, when still on the team with him two-years ago, had promised him to do anything for him to win the World Championship trophy. But with either player on the opposite side now, this will be quite a bit harder to do in 2022. 

T1 have shown insane progress throughout the World Championship, beating EDG, former World Champions, both times in their group stage, as well as going 3-0 against the MSI champions. 

DRX support BeryL has been a monster with his picks. Heimer support is one of his unique pocket picks: 

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DRX, in an impressive feat of their own, will be the first team that started in the Play-In stage to make it to the World Championship Finals. They also beat EDG in the quarter-finals and quickly ran over Gen.G in their semi-final match. 

It's almost poetic to see two players who had been so close, and still are on extremely good terms together, facing off for the biggest prize in LoL esports. At the post game press conference on October 29, 2022 Keria had this to say about meeting his former teammates of the 2020 DRX squad: 

When we parted ways, we told each other, “let’s meet at a higher stage”, and I’m proud that we succeeded, but I don’t think this emotion would affect my gameplay.

Deft also had a similar sentiment when asked about meeting his former teammate after their win against Gen.G. 

Keria once promised me that he’ll help me win Worlds. It’s time for him to keep his promise. I’ll make sure to win.
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Will Keria be able to take the crown or is Deft going to finally add the Summoner's Cup to his list of achievements. One thing is for sure, at least one player from the 2020 DRX squad will be victorious. Oh, and one former Mapo High School student as well with both Deft and Faker having gone to the same high school. 

The League of Legends World Championship finals will take place on November 5, 2022 at 5PM PT or 1 AM CET, November 6. Make sure to watch on the official LoL esports website to earn watch drops and rewards. 

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