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ADC Rekkles Shocks Fans with Role Swap and Departure from Fnatic Main Roster

News 29-04-2023 14:55
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LEC: Rekkles is looking for new adventures! | © Riot Games

On April 28, 2023, Carl Martin Erik "Rekkles" Larsson, one of Europe's most respected AD Carrys, announced that he is no longer interested in playing ADC after 12 years in the role and is looking to try something else. What will happen with Rekkles next? 

With the end of the LEC Spring Split, we are now turning out heads to the LoL Mid-Season Invitational. The teams not invited to the international event now have time to change their current rosters to improve for the next spit. This change, however, is one that not many fans expected. 

Rekkles has been considered one of the best ADCs in Europe for a very long time. With some hurdles near the end, Rekkles has managed to keep his reputation as one of the best. Therefore, many fans were surprised when Rekkles announced yesterday on Twitter that he will no longer be playing ADC for Fnatic. 

Rekkles Announces Role Swap to Support 

After over a decade of playing AD Carry, Rekkles announced he wants to move on from ADC and try out another role. He will, however, remain in the bot lane. In his announcement video on Twitter, Rekkles explained he wants to role swap to support after a long time of feeling stuck in the ADC role while still trying really hard. This is what Rekkles had to say about the situation:

 I have done it for twelve years, and I am kind of stuck in the same place. So I think the best course of action is to reinvent myself, to try something new. And I really believe that I am able to pull this off.

The Swedish bot laner acknowledges that there will be some challenges to overcome when swapping roles but also believes he is capable of doing so due to his excellent work ethic, game knowledge, and ability to communicate. 

Rekkles appears highly enthusiastic about the fresh direction he's taken and anticipates utilizing his prior expertise to accomplish something exceptional, which he hasn't been able to attain in the Ad Carry role for quite a while. 

Fnatic Removes Rekkles from Starting LEC Lineup 

With Rekkles' announcement, Fnatic came out with an update to explain what will happen with the starting lineup in the LEC now that Rekkles will no longer serve as their ADC. 

Currently, Fnatic's starting support is Advienne, and according to the update, it seems like he will remain so going into the LEC Summer Split 2023.

Rekkles will therefore be removed from Fnatic's LEC roster, and they are now looking to sign a new ADC in the coming weeks. 

Fnatic has had a rough couple of splits. After a devastating LEC Winter Split 2023, fans were losing hope in the Fnatic roster after the team went 2-7, ending in ninth place. For the first time in the organization's history, Fnatic did not make it to playoffs

Things did not look much brighter for the LEC Spring Split. The Fnatic roster kept losing their games. However, nearing the end of the regular season, the team seemed to click much more, and they just managed to qualify for the LEC Spring Split Gorups, eventually ending in eighth place. 

It is still unclear who Fnatic will pick as their starting ADC going into Summer. One valid option is Neon, Vitality's former bot laner, who was swapped out for Upset. Neon has been looking to prove himself after being benched and could be looking for a new team for Summer. 

Who do you think would fit into Fnatic's new roster? 

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