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Former Vitality ADC Breaks Silence on Being Benched Right Before LEC Spring Split 2023

News 24-03-2023 20:07
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Former ADC Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík just released a heartfelt video talking about his thoughts on being replaced by Upset right before the LEC Spring Split and talks about his future plans. 

Team Vitality had a very disappointing end to the first-ever LEC Winter Split. At first, it looked promising for the team. In the first stage of Winter, Vitality finished first place and made it to the next group in the Winner's Bracket.

In the first round of Groups, Vitality faced Team Heretics, where they won 2-1 after a close series. But this was as far as the roster could go. After their victory against Team Heretics, Vitality lost 0-2 against KOI and then lost again in a similar manner to SK, eliminating them from Winter Playoffs contention. 

This was not even close to what was expected from Vitality. The team had been dominating their competition in the first stage, and then they were not even able to make it to playoffs once they were out of the single round-robin format. It was clear that something needed to be changed ahead of Spring. 

And the change was Upset. Elias "Upset" Lipp is the former bot laner of Fnatic. Ahead of the new LEC Season, Fnatic had decided to replace him with Rekkles, who had spent the last year competing in the LFL, and Upset was left on the sidelines for Winter. 

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Before being replaced by the Swedish bot laner, Upset had been considered one of the strongest ADCs in the LEC, and several players and fans were surprised he did not get a spot in the main league before the 2023 season began. 

After Vitality's disappointing results, they decided to bring in Upset and put their current bot laner, Neon, on the bench. Since then, we have not heard much from Neon, and it was not until today he decided to break the silence and talk about his experience. 

In the video, Neon explains he has taken a break away from Twitter after the disappointing results in Winter. He also talks about the frustration of not being allowed back in the competition to prove himself after their last performance. He is, however, still very eager to redeem himself and get back into the fight. 

Getting benched put me in a really bad place mentally and i had a few week to look back and think what i want to do moving forward. And i came to the conclusion that I want to come back and prove myself.

Looking on forward, Neon plans to spend his time grinding Solo Queue and streaming on Twitch. Lastly, Neon wanted to thank his fans who have stuck by him in the last couple of weeks sending him supportive messages. 

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