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The MVP is gone

Cloud9 Let Go Of Three Players Ahead of LCS Summer Split

C9 Winsome
Winsome has to find a new home for the Summer. | © Riot Games

Cloud9 is starting to rebuild their team after a disappointing end to their 2022 LCS Spring Season. The team was absolutely trampled by the 2022 LCS Champions Evil Geniuses, which has prompted them to make drastic changes ahead of the Summer Split. 

The biggest shock comes with the release of the 2022 LCS Spring Split MVP Summit, who has been let go and is now a free agent, looking for a new team. Along with him two other players are also free agents now and ready to start anew elsewhere. 


Isles, Winsome and Summit Released by C9

As already mentioned, Summit has been let go from the Cloud9 roster and with him the two young Support players, Winsome and Isles as well. Winsome and Isles have split their time in the bot lane throughout the Spring Split, with Isles taking over duties during the Lock In tournament and the later stages of the season. 

Summit was named the Spring Split MVP and yet was not able to keep his position after C9 only finished in fourth place during the 2022 LCS Playoffs. But with all these changes and three players being let go, it leaves quite a few holes in the C9 line-up which has us questioning who might take their place. 

Jensen and Zven to Join C9 Roster

As already mentioned in previous articles, Fudge will be moving back to the top lane. With Summit gone, this leaves the former top laner his old position, which means Cloud9 will only have to look for a new mid laner and a new support, but that might not be as hard as many might think. 

Jensen, known for his time on Cloud9 and Team Liquid and one of the best LCS mid laners, started his career on C9 before switching to TL ahead of the 2019 season. So, him coming back to join the team would actually be a pretty positive thing in the eyes of fans. 

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It also looks like Zven will come back to join the team, but this time as a support player rather than an ADC. Berserker, the young Korean talent C9 picked up ahead of the season, is still under contract with Cloud9 and is going to stay for the rest of the Summer Split. 

Zven will likely want to play in the LCS again and for that to happen a role swap to support is the only thing that makes sense. So, we might be seeing Zven in the support position come Summer Split 2022. Will this squad be able to take on TSM though and their new potential new roster?