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In this article we find out what drives one of League's most infamous Champions and how his story affects the next big event!

Champion Lore: Kassadin, The Void Walker.

News 14-03-2022 12:39
Kassadin Splash Update
He looks so cool now!? | © Riot Games

Kassadin has been an important champion to League of Legends not only because of his presence in the meta and pro-play but also his significance to the lore of the game.

Recently Riot has been putting out several hints towards a big Void event soon that will be similar to the Sentinels of light or Spirit Blossom events. It will include the release of a brand new Void Jungler related to 'fish' and 'swarms'. Kai'Sa, Taliyah, and Malzahar all have stories released recently that could tease the new Champion Hollowspun follows Kai'Sa and Taliyah as they make an unlikely friendship and work together to prepare for an unkown Void threat (the new champion probably) that is about to unleash itself on Runeterra. Meanwhile the new story for Malzahar teases this champion as it details the story of him feeding hundreds of people to this new Champion.

Additionally there was a Kassadin Splash art Update that is likely teasing an ASU or VGU for Kassadin along with the event. This is even further proven by a surprise VGU confirmed by Riot to be coming soon. However the Champion that receives the VGU could also be Cho'Gath or Kog'Maw but it's likely that it's a champion related to the Void.

Void jungler
This art was leaked to tease the new Champion coming soon! | © Riot Games

To help prepare for all of this Void related content coming soon, we are going to check out the brief lore of Kassadin, one of the most important Void champions.

What is Kassadin's lore?

The Sai desert is known to be vast and treacherous in Shurima. Infamous for the swarms of Xer'Sai (the same void creature as Rek'Sai) that prowl the sands, the Sai desert required 'bait' to help escort goods across. This bait, was actually local outcasts who risked their lives to make a living. 

Kassadin was one of these outcasts trekking across the desert. However as time passed, he became less of a bait and more of a guide, able to traverse the barren landscape and come out in one piece. Eventually he became known for his skills, and coined his name from the phrase "Kas sai a dyn?” or “whom does the desert know?” in Shuriman.

On one special excursion Kassadin met a beautiful woman he would soon marry and have a child with. Although his work would take him away from them often, he would always return with an exciting tale to tell.

However one unfortunate day, Kassadin and his fellow caravaneers were returning from Piltover when they encountered traumatized survivors who told a tale of a disaster that consumed their homes. They described it as if the earth itself had opened up to swallow them whole.

Concerned for his family, Kassadin rushed home only to find his home gone, not even ruins remained, only sand. Kassadin tried to dig in the sand and find his home, but to no avail.

Devastated, Kassadin became a shell of a man unable to accept his loss. His life seemed meaningless until he heard word of "The Prophet". These stories told of unimaginable nightmares and brutal sacrifices could reduce any man to tears. But Kassadin recognized the sings in these tales, and realized they were the same as the stories of old Icathia and the horrors of the Void.

Now Kassadin knew what had happened to his home, and that "The Prophet" was responsible for unleashing the Void once more.

Determined to avenge his family and put a stop to this malice, Kassadin called in favors from everyone he had to assemble an arsenal of weapons and relics that would enable him to combat the void.

Driven by purpose and by vengeance, Kassadin enters the remains of Icathia with the intention of ending Malzahar's life.

Malzahar wallpaper
Malzahar is responsible for thousands of deaths. Yikes! | © Riot Games

What could this mean for the Void event?

Although Kassadin's story isn't new, it could still give us clues to what might happen in the event. It's unlikely that we will get another visual novel like in spirit blossom, but if this event follows in the steps of previous Lore Events then it will likely focus on a few champions specifically. Because Malzahar is the one that is enabling the new champion to enter Runeterra, it is almost 100% guranteed that Kassadin will be one of these special champions.

We could potentially see a battle between Kassadin and Malzahar unfold, perhaps in cinematic or in comic form. This also applies to Kai'Sa, Taliyah, and the rest of the void champions.

Unlike the previous lore events, the Void event may not have a traditional "skin line" that releases along with it since the champions that are being focused on are already either from the void or corrupted by it. This could mean that a whole new set of champions will be brought in to deal with the threat of the Void, just like how Lucian and Senna recruited the Sentinels of Light to stop the Ruination. 

It's also possible the Voidborn champions will receive something along the lines of an 'evolved' skinline which depicts them being changed by the arrival of the new champion. We can't be sure until we have more information, but a new set of skins is very likely to come with packaged with this event!

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