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Apparently some people will do anything to keep their spot.

Cody Sun Slams Pro-Players For Using "Psychological Warfare"

News 21-07-2023 15:00
Cody Sun criticizes his peers for using psychological warfare | ©Riot Games

Life as a pro-gamer isn't always easy. Just like in any professional sport, a series of poor performances can easily cost you your job. And it seems that some people will do anything to secure their place.

Now, Pro-player Liyu "Cody Sun" Sun has criticized his peers for resorting to "psychological warfare" to maintain their positions in the competitive scene. The community's reactions to his statements are quite divided.

Cody Sun Criticizes Pro-Players for Psychological Warfare

Liyu "Cody Sun" Sun has had a quite successful esports career in League of Legends so far, making him a veteran in the scene. He has been part of various North American LCS teams, including Immortals, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and Clutch Gaming.

Recently, Cody Sun took to Twitter to criticize some of his fellow players for employing "psychological warfare" in various forms, such as interviews, social media, spreading rumors, and causing drama.

His outburst was triggered by a general discussion about the significance of SoloQ (Solo Queue) for pro players. Cody Sun expressed his belief that some NA players lack dedication and show no respect for SoloQ or the ladder. He accused them of using psychological tactics to downplay the importance of SoloQ.

For the longest time, NA has been plagued with complacency, great pretenders that get signed based on brand value alone. Many of whom show absolute zero respect to SoloQ or the ladder. These individuals will employ psyops on the masses to convince that soloq isn't important.

Psyops? These are some serious allegations. But how did the community react?

Community and Pro-Scene Reactions

Pro-players and content creators responded almost immediately to Cody Sun's statements | ©Riot Games

Some people, like the former pro-player turned coach Maurice "Amazingx" Stückenscheider, engaged in discussions with Cody Sun over these claims, while others simply used memes to react.

For instance, LoL streamer and content creator "snowbird" posted a meme in response to Cody Sun's declaration that "these individuals will employ psyops on the masses".

Most just don't this joker seriously, and we agree. 

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