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Awful Darius Bug Finally Gets Fixed in LoL Patch 12.21

News 03-11-2022 17:05
Bioforge Darius
Finally, Riot is changing stuff on this champion! | © Riot Games

It only took this bug causing G2 Esports to lose a key match at Worlds 2022 for Riot to finally look into fixing it, eh? Bugs are nothing new in League of Legends and the spaghetti code the game runs on, now it seems like some long-running issues are finally being looked at. 

With every patch, Riot also releases some big fixes they've implemented in the patch. This time around we're heading to the top lane where Darius will have his ultimate checked out and de-bugged. 


G2 Esports Lost Because of Darius Bug

During the World Championship, G2 Esports were facing off against JDG in the first week of Worlds. JDG had a 2 - 0 record, while G2 sat at 1 - 1. The game was extremely close and around the 23-minute mark a teamfight in the mid lane broke out. 

G2 Esports top laner BrokenBlade was on Darius and as the fight broke out he went and ulted a member of JDG. While in spectator mode it wasn't visible, but during his cast the ultimate went on cooldown, without refreshing upon the kill. 

This could have cost G2 Esports the game, as well as their whole Worlds 2022 run. But, this wasn't the first time this has happened to Darius. The community has known about this for a while and yet Riot hasn't fixed it. It took for the bug to happen on the biggest stage for Riot to fix it. 

You know what else is a bug...? This champion: 

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Darius Bug Fixed in LoL Patch 12.21

In the official LoL Patch 12.21 Patch Notes Riot has revealed that the Darius bug has been fixed. 

Fixed a bug where Darius’ R would sometimes not reset its cooldown if a target died a moment before taking damage


So, for those Darius mains out there who have had to deal with this bug for such a long time that you've started to delude yourselves into believing it was a feature... no. This was not an intended feature from Riot and now your ultimates should finally not go on cooldown, but actually reset. 

Will more bugs like this get fixed that were clearly visible throughout the League of legends World Championship? Hopefully yes. 

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