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Faker is a monster

Faker Breaks Uzi's Record at Worlds 2022

Faker Worlds 2022
Faker getting ready to face EDG for first place in Group A. | © Riot Games

The first group at the League of Legends World Championship has been decided and once again the unkillable Demon king reigns supreme as he breaks yet another record. Is this man even human? Is he stoppable when it comes to international success? 

It wasn't long ago that Faker reached the 100 game mark, cementing himself once more as the most dominant player. With over 100 games played he's also won over 70% of them and if that isn't clear and utter supremacy then nothing else is. Seriously, if you look up the words consistency and monster in the dictionary a picture of Faker will appear. But now he's gone on to break another record. 


League of Legends World Championship: Another Record Broken for Faker

Faker continues to show why he is the GOAT. When it's not playing insane amount of games, and showing up on different champions it's something else and during the second half of the League of Legends World Championship group phase he overtook another one of the greats – Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao. 

Up to this point Uzi has held the record for most kills at the League of Legends World Championship. He'd managed to rake in a total of 350 kills but at the 2022 LoL Worlds Faker overtook the bot laner earning his 351st kill on the biggest esports stage. 

It's not just his kill count that is impressive, his overall record is also insane. Not only has he won over half of his games at Worlds, Faker has also never exited the World Championship group stage in second place. Seven League of Legends Worlds appearances and each and every time, without fail, Faker and his team manage to finish in first place. 


Now the team has a few days off as they wait for Groups B, C and D to complete their games and then Faker and t1 will know who they're going to face in the quarter-final. Will we be getting a LCK vs. LCK quarter-final or will we have some inter-region mingling this year? 

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