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What will happen to this years Demacia Cup if this is how it already starts?

Demacia Cup Qualifier Ruined by Match Fixing

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Those smiles aren't making it to the Demacia Cup Qualifiers. | © Riot Games

The Demacia Cup is an LPL tournament that usually takes place in December. It features multiple LPL teams, some LDL teams and a few teams that qualify through a qualifier. This year's qualifier has been plagued by one problem though, match-fixing.

A team named XBW which was created by famous Chinese Fizz-one-trick player Mangofish was also participating in the qualifier. Another streamer by the name of Zhang was part of the team.

Match Fixing Scandal During Semi-Finals

XBW made it to the Demacia Cup 2021 qualifier semi-finals where they faced off against another team of famous streamers called Dream. The end result? A lost fight at the dragon due to Zhang’s negligence. He obviously let the opposing player teleport to the fight, channeling his late and dying quickly.

This play made fans suspicious and players on the team also wanted Zhang removed from the roster right away. XBW lost the game, and before the next match could start, the team kicked Zhang, accusing him of match-fixing.

They had to scramble and invite another player to take his spot right away. In the end XBW bombed out of the semis and the players ended up getting penalized for using an unregistered player in the tournament as well.

That wasn’t all though, because later it was revealed that not only was Zhang getting paid to lose, but three other players on the squad were also involved in match-fixing.

Why Were the XBW Players so Upset About Match-Fixing?

As mentioned, it turned out that four of the five XBW players were involved in match-fixing during the tournament. They were all part of the same match-fixing group and their messages were leaked to the public.

The reason why the bot laner and jungler got to smad at Zhang? He was part of a different match-fixing group. This issue got so big that even famous players like Uzi tuned in to watch Mangofish – the only one of the players who wasn’t part of the match-fixing scandal – to explain the situation.

Mangofish did state though that he had also been offered up to $5,000 by match-fixers, but chose not to participate. What will happen to these players and what outcome will this have? China has had a rampant problem over the last few years with match-fixing.

Last year multiple LDL players were revealed to have been part of match-fixing problems and even some LPL players have thrown games due to match-fixing.

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