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ADC legend Doubelift has been hospitalized due to internal bleeding.

Doublelift In Hospital Due To Internal Injury

News 24-07-2023 14:05
Doublelift 100 Thieves L Cs
Doublelift was hospitalized due to internal bleeding |©Riot Games

Legendary ADC Yilian "Doublelift" Peng's tweet has stirred unrest in the League of Legends community. The tweet, titled "rough week," features pictures of Doublelift lying on a hospital bed.

Subsequently, it came to light that an internal injury was the cause of his hospitalization, and astonishingly, he continued to play and compete with this injury for about a week. Despite this, he participated in the North American LCS and successfully qualified for the Playoffs.

Doublelift Hospitalized Due To Internal Bleeding

Yilian "Doublelift" Peng is one of the most popular and well known players in North America and has been part of the pro-scene for over a decade now. Now, a tweet has causes unrest in the League of Legends community.

In the tweet the star player shared pictures of him in what appears to be a hospital bed. It was later clarified that Doublelift was hospitalized due to internal bleeding. According to a tweet made by Leena Xu, he has lived and played with this injury for about a week at this point.

Only a few days ago, Doublelift was actively playing for his team, 100Thieves, in the LCS. They achieved a victory against NRG but faced two losses against Dignitas. Despite this, 100Thieves managed to secure a spot in the Playoffs, where they were placed in the Lower Bracket.

In the comment section, numerous fans and esports personalities are expressing their well wishes for Doublelift's swift recovery. As of now, it remains uncertain whether the ADC will be fit to participate in 100Thieves' next match, scheduled for Friday, August 4th.

Doublelift had an illustrious and successful career so far, and won eight LCS titles. He was active for big teams and franchises like CLG, TSM, Team Liquid and now 100Thieves.

Community Reactions

MSI 2023 crowd
The community wishes Doublelift all the best |©Riot Games

It goes without saying that the post garnered significant attention on Twitter and the League of Legends Subreddit. Many community members expressed their well-wishes for Doublelift's speedy recovery.

Furthermore, his performance in the recent games received praise from many, particularly after the revelation that he played despite dealing with internal bleeding. Some harmless memes about the situation were also created.

The user "QuestionableTakes", shared some deeper thoughts on Doublelift and the pro-scene in general:

I guess that's probably why he was feeling so sick during the IMT game. Hope he feels better soon!
Unpopular opinion but I do think many players have many issues (physical and mental health) that don't get spoken about. I wish the community was a little kinder.

Or the user "chippyrim", who praised Doubelifts performance:

isn't it insane, he has had internal bleeding for the last week and he was still by far and away the best player on his team. I hope he is okay and clearly the goat

And the user "K1ck3erTW" hopes for the possible outcome for Doubelift (which of course we agree with) :

I hope it's nothing serious. The last time I had a family member goto the hospital for internal bleeding in the stomach it turned out to be a symptom of gastric cancer which is more prevalent in Asian populations. Wishing him a speedy recovery 🙏

It will be interesting to see, if Doublelift will be fit for the Playoffs or who might be his substitute. At the moment we're still waiting for an official statement by 100Thieves or further statements by Doublelift himself. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date.

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