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The two players were involved in a car crash, apparently nobody was hurt.

EG's Jojopyun And Revenge Involved In Car Crash

News 24-07-2023 15:45
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Jojopyun and Revenge were involved in a car crash |© Riot Games

News of a car accident involving two players caused shock among Evil Geniuses fans worldwide. The players, Joseph "Jojopyun" Pyun and Mohamed "Revenge" Kaddoura, took to Twitter to explain the situation. Fortunately, nobody was hurt or injured.

Car Crash Involving LCS Players

Upon examining the posted pictures of the accident, it appears to have been a severe impact on the car that the two EG players experienced. Thankfully, as stated in Joseph "Jojopyun" Pyun's Twitter post, no one was seriously hurt or injured.

Joseph and his teammate Mohamed "Revenge" Kaddoura were involved in a traffic accident near an intersection, as reported yesterday. Jojopyun was the first to share a picture of the damaged car on Twitter, stating, "LA drivers are different... fortunately no injuries".

In another post, Revenge, the team's toplaner, described the accident:

Got T-boned while driving near an intersection, completely terrifying. First time I’ve been in an accident

No further information regarding the exact details of the crash was provided, nor do we know how many cars and other people were involved. Nevertheless, it's reassuring to see that everyone involved is safe. Many esports personalities and fans expressed their relief in the comment section.

Apparently, Revenge and Jojopyun are fine |©Riot Games

Now it will be interesting to see if Jojopyun and Revenge will be able to compete in the upcoming EG matches. EG has to play against TSM on Thursday, July 27, in the Upper Bracket of the LCS Playoffs. We are currently awaiting further reactions from Evil Geniuses or other involved parties.

Just one day before the car crash, EG defeated TSM to secure 3rd place in the regular season. Momentum seems to be on EG's side. Jojopyun has been part of the EG roster since November 2021, while Revenge joined the team recently in May 2023.

Everyone hopes that an event like this won't impact the two players or their performance. So stay safe in traffic and pay attention at all times!

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