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Faker Refused Contract Worth $20 Million Yearly

T1 Faker
Faker has enough money. | © Riot Games

In Doublelift's most recent podcast, T1's CEO Joe Marsh and former C9 Coach LS were guests. One of the stand-out moments was when Joe Marsh revealed just how desperate some Chinese orgs were to get their hands on the best player in the world — Faker. 

It's no secret that teams covet the greatest player of all time on their squad, but it seems not even the biggest, fattest cheque can get Faker to switch from his long-time team T1. 


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Joe Marsh Reveals Chinese Orgs Bid 20 Million For Faker 

Ahead of the 2022 Spring Split, many T1 fans were nervously gnawing at their fingernails, praying that Faker signs with T1 for another year. The best player in the world was a free agent and could have gone anywhere, LPL, LEC, LCS, but fans hoped to see him in the black, white and red T1 jersey once more. 

T1 CEO Joe Marsh revealed during Doublelift's Trash-Talk Podcast that Faker was even given a $20 Million a year contract by a Chinese org. The mid laner turned the deal down though. He also revealed that the mid laner is not concerned about money in the least though and that it won't sway him from playing for a team he believes in. 

He always gets offers. Even this off-season, I flew out to Korea after free agency started, because he was a free agent. Every time he's a free agent, the offer from China comes in, $20 million a year to come. But it's not about money.

Faker is more concerned about the team's cohesion, such as also the infrastructure which is built around the team, according to Joe Marsh. The veteran player values the environment around the team and that they are able to build the strongest roster possible — which doesn't always mean the strongest players thrown together, but rather the strongest team players on one roster. 

In a previous interview with Korizon, Joe Marsh also explained that family plays an important role for Faker when  deciding on his future — especially the relationship the veteran holds with his grandmother. 

Faker Owns a Building in Korea

Another point that really hit home just how unimportant money seems to be to the mid laner, is the fact that he's made smart investments with his money over the years and even owns a building in South Korea — the Faker tower. 

He’s super successful. He’s made really strong investments in Korea. I mean, there’s literally a building he owns called Faker Tower. 

So, while some of these contracts could sound enticing, it seems that Faker has settled and will not be making any big moves anytime soon. Will he finish his career with T1? I'd honestly bet money on that and say yes. Come on, guys, Faker is also a part-owner of the org.