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Fans Say Ivern Changes Made Him Overtuned

News 27-07-2023 01:00
Dunkmaster ivern
Dunking on Darius in his own lane | © Riot Games

Ivern is a peculiar class of champion, as the only jungle enchanter, where Riot Games tried to fill a niche that didn't exist previously in the game. The recent changes seem to have made him overturned a bit, however.

When designing Ivern, Riot went with a  philosophy similar to designing Naafiri and K'Sante, by trying to fill a niche that was missing from the game. Balancing those types of champions tends to be difficult. And when an LoL main complains about their champion being busted, you know there is a problem!

Is Ivern Broken Currently?

The changes to Ivern were implemented a few patches ago, and they've made him a menace in more roles than his usual jungle role. It's come to the point that even Ivern mains are complaining that the champion is busted now.

A Challenger Ivern OTP, by the username of GarboTetris, recently explained on Reddit that the champion mid scope updates have been a failure, and should be reverted:

"The 3 major abilities changed from the midscope (W, E, and R) were greatly buffed, but in the process removed most of their counterplay", they say. And their further explanation has us agreeing!

Candy King Ivern
Ivern Doggy Dog | © Riot Games

Starting off with the W changes, his bushes that is, Riot have all but removed the double-edged sword that they usually have the potential of being. Now, Ivern's bushes favor his allies completely, and are, as the player puts it, just another box to check for bonus damage.

Previously, they explained, Ivern's bushes needed thinking to be put into their placement "and it has lost most of the creative expression that it previously had."

His e ability is in a similar state, where most of the counterplay has been removed from the ability. The new shield refresh mechanic removes the punish timer the previous interactions hinged on.

And the change completely misses the mark Riot intended to make, to have Ivern synergize better with ranged champions. Instead, it just pushed him towards melee champions even more, while making him better at peeling ranged champions, something that he was already good at.

And finally, we have the main culprit, in the form of Daisy. Due to her newfound sheer power, to balance Ivern out, it would mean cutting down the rest of his kit, making him hyperfocused on his summon.

Elderwood Ivern HD
The default skin is creepy, this is just outright scary | © Riot Games

And seeing as one of the reasons that Daisy was buffed was to make her need less micromanaging, the player explains, it just makes Ivern have to focus around playing with Daisy even more.

All in all, the recent Ivern changes may have made Ivern a more optimal champion for SoloQ, but it would appear that he has lost his soul which made the select few fall in love with playing him in the first place!