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Garena Servers Still Running League of Legends Patch 12.11

Amumu support still sucks in SEA | © Riot Games

Think we have it difficult with RIot Games' management? Well, what then to say to those having to rely on the generosity of Garena, to be able to play league of Legends?

While Riot Games are the developers and publishers of League of Legends, their own masterpiece, they do not run all of their worldwide servers on their own. Some of those regions are handed over to third parties, with varying degrees of competence, the same way they do with most of their projects.

What is Garena in League of Legends?

Garena is the company that runs the servers for League in most countries of the SEA region. When Riot was still an actual indie company, they have had to partner with Garena to bring League of Legends to SEA.

The quality of the game changed since those days | © Riot Games

Nowadays, the company is still in possession of managing rights to League of Legends in the SEA region. It remains unknown whether this is due to the nature of the contracts signed all those years ago, or Riot Games see it more profitable not having to open a new dedicated office for an entire region.

Is Garena Abusing League of Legends?

While it is a stretch to say that Garena is abusing the League of Legends player base, there was even an incident a few ago back when an official patch managed to install a crypto miner to all PCs updating League of Legends. It was quickly found out and reported to Riot Games via Reddit, circumventing Garena themselves, say players from the SEA region. It took only 24 hours to fix the issue once Riot Games stepped in.

However, in hindsight, it doesn't seem that the bug was accidental at all. Instead, players were rewarded for idling their Garena client to obtain Garena energy, which is a currency that can be exchanged for various benefits, one Reddit user explains.

What Patch is Garena LoL Using Now?

Currently, on Monday, June 27, 2022, the players relying on Garena are still in patch 12.11. To reiterate, patch 12.12 for League of Legends has been live now for five days already, and there are no indications of when the patch will go live in the SEA region.

Garena's latest patch is a hotfix | © Riot Games

The latest update found on the Garena website is of the in-store updates for League of Legends patch 12.12, with the actual buffs and nerfs to champions, items, and other in-game content, being non-existent.

One wonders what this will mean for the long-awaited, new champion releases if this trend continues, as such new content might be unavailable to players from the SEA region in time.