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Netflix Problems Will Not Influence the Production of Arcane Season 2

News 26-04-2022 23:30
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Arcane Season 2 will punch its way into existence if needed | © Riot Games

All the mistakes Riot Games made in recent years, with the events that flopped, were remedied by their release of Arcane, a hit Netflix series that even those who have no prior knowledge of League of Legends enjoyed immensely.

Unfortunately, some worries have surfaced regarding Season 2 of Arcane's production, an event that is awaited by fans with bated breath. So, what can we expect to happen with a series that gave life to so much League of Legends lore?

Will Arcane Season 2 be Cancelled in Production?

Netflix have recently lost billions of USD in its market cap this year, with its stock plummeting to its 2018 worth. A time when streaming services did not have even a sliver of popularity they gain during the pandemic era of reclusive quarantine.

Due to that, and in addition to losing two hundred thousand subscribers when cutting ties with Russia, several upcoming titles were cut from production, the way Piltover cut off Zaun. See what we did there?

Piltover workshops
Pompous color scheme even in the workshops | © Riot Games

Luckily, Riot have confirmed that Arcane's Season 2 will not be canceled in production as a result of the issues Netflix is experiencing, as their contract with Netflix is not based on producing the award-winning series, but instead on distributing it. The production is done in cooperation with Fortiche Production, a studio where Riot have recently taken quite a share of stocks, after the success of Arcane.

Perhaps, with more steering power in the company, Arcane Season 2 will even exceed expectations.

When Will Arcane Season 2 be Released?

Unfortunately, Riot Games have not yet given a date for the release of Arcane Season 2, even while issuing a statement of its ongoing production. and, while we can expect the production of Arcane's Season 2 to take far less time than it took to make its first season, as both companies have smelt money in the water of its initial success, they have also announced more projects tied to League of Legends aside from Arcane that we can expect.

Vibrant life in Zaun
Got to love the underdogs, figuratively and literally | © Riot Games

This means that Arcane, while successful, will not take be the only focus of production, as Riot Games know very well the dangers of oversaturating the market with what the fan base wants and making them not appreciate it enough.

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