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LoL New Champ Hwei: Is He Viable As A Support Or Bot Laner?

News 19-11-2023 11:00

Riot just has introduced Hwei, and you might be wondering if Hwei can be effectively played in the Bot Lane. We have the answers for you!

Hwei Concept
Hwei isn't that monoton|©Riot Games

With the new champion Hwei emerging, boasting a total of 10 abilities, it's natural to consider whether he can thrive in positions beyond the mid lane. Many mid laners can successfully transition to the support role, top lane, or even as the carry in the bot lane. This raises the following questions:

Is Hwei Viable As A Support?

Sternvernichter Xerath
Some mid laners are just better at supporting|©Riot Games

In short, the answer is yes!

Hwei's Q abilities provide poking potential during the laning phase, while his W and E spellbooks offer valuable utility.

Using his WQ combo, Hwei can grant himself and his allies increased movement speed, and with his WW ability, he can shield his teammates.

His EQ is a skillshot that fears the enemy, his EW roots an opponent for a few seconds, and his EE delivers a potent slow.

His ultimate ability applies a slow as well.

Hwei brings crowd control, utility, and damage to the table, making him a promising choice for a support role.

Is Hwei Viable As An APC?

Some mid laners are just better as the bot lane carry|©Riot Games

In short, the answer is most likely yes.

Hwei relies on landing skill shots, so having a laning partner to assist in this regard can be advantageous. Additionally, Hwei possesses hard crowd control through his E spellbook, which can facilitate coordinated plays with a laning partner.

Hwei's Q also features an area-of-effect ability, and with his W, he can enhance his allies' mobility or provide them with a shield.

To me, this champion resembles Seraphine (with damage, shielding, and crowd control) but in a more offensive manner. Therefore, in my opinion, Hwei is well-suited for the bot lane.

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