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How many Taliyah skins were sold?

League of Legends and VALORANT Players Raise $6 Million For Charity

Social Impact Fund
LoL and VALORANT players managed to raise over $6,000,000! | © Riot Games

Now we all know just how toxic League of Legends can be, right? VALORANT is also up there in terms of toxicity, since it combines the League and Counter Strike community in one game. But we're not here to talk about players malding, instead we've got some good news! 

Riot Games just announced how much money was raised in 2022 and where the money will go to!


Players Raise Money Worldwide for Charity

In 2022 Riot released the Star Guardian Taliyah skin. For the first month all profits the skin made went right into the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, which allocates money to charities. The fund was established back in 2019 and was meant for Riot to make a positive global impact. 

Well, this year they sure did with players from League of Legends and VALORANT raising $6 million according to Riot Games. In the release from Riot that makes about 550,000 Star Guardian Taliyah skins! All that in a single month is pretty insane. 

VALORANT players could also add to the pool by buying the Give Back Bundle which was available in the game as well. 

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In December 2022 players could vote on which charities to give the money to, with each region and country getting their own set of charities to choose from (always 3). The winning charity would get 50% of the allocated money, while the other 2 of each country would receive 25%. This means that each charity would at least get $15,000. 

For a full list of all charities per country make sure to check out the Social Impact Fund article on the official Riot Games website. 

So, while the LoL and VALORANT community can be toxic, they've come together for a great cause. How much will they be able to raise in 2023?