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World Champion Pyosik Retires From TL After Losing to FlyQuest (Satire)

News 27-01-2023 14:19
TL Pyosik
Pyosik's American doppelganger is now talking over. | © Riot Games

TL Jungler and World Champion Pyosik was so confident before his match against FlyQuest that he was willing to bet his career on Team Liquid winning the game. However, it turns out he severely underestimated FlyQuest and is now standing to his word, retiring from League of Legends. Coincidentally, his new replacement, TL Mark, looks and talks just like him. 

Pyosik is the current jungler of Team Liquid. Last year, he was part of the DRX team, who won Worlds against the Korean Superteam, T1. He and DRX were also the first Play-In team in history that managed to win the Championship. Now he is testing his skills in the LCS and seems to have been a bit too confident in his ability to beat some of the teams. 

In an interview with Monster Gaming, Pyosik talked about his journey to becoming a world champion and now his time in Team Liquid. Apparently, Pyosik has had an easy time adjusting to the North American competition and was confident in both his role as a jungler in the LCS and his team's ability to beat FlyQuest. He was, as a matter of fact, so confident he was willing to bet his career on TL winning. Here is exactly what he had to say in the Monster Gaming interview: 

As for my competition in NA, although it has only been two days since we started scrimming in NA, there really isn’t a jungler in NA that caught my eye, nor any LCS teams in general.
If I lose to FlyQuest, I’ll retire [laughter].

If you watched the FlyQuest vs. Team Liquid, match, you know that Pyosik was very wrong with his judgment, and FlyQuest had quite a convincing win against Team Liquid. The match ended at minute 31. At that time, FlyQuest had gathered a 10.8 K Gold Lead, and the whole match finished off with an almost-penta to FlyQuest's bot laner, Prince

After the game, the former (?) TL jungler was standing by his word, and his Support CoreJJ shared a video of Pyosik accepting his retirement and being replaced by the new jungler, Mark. Though we don't know much about Mark at this point, we can see he looks strangely similar to Pyosik; he also talks in a similar manner. Check out the video here: 

We are excited to see how the American Mark will perform in the next couple of weeks. His debut game will take place tomorrow against TSM, so make sure to drop in to figure out if Mark is an improvement from Pyosik. 

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