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League of Legends: Riot Devs Give Release Date For Lee Sin ASU

News 09-04-2024 10:31

Lee Sin is one of the oldest but also one of the most popular champions in the entire game. Riot decided to give him some much-needed love with the ASU. 

Lee Body Comparison
They changed every Lee Sin skin! | © Riot Games

An ASU is an art and sustainability update. It is meant to keep champions and especially their art up to date. This usually goes hand in hand with VFX and SFX changes and also requires Riot to have a look at the skin catalogue of a champion.

Lee Sin is quite an old champion with a plethora of already amazing skins, but he does feel like a relic of older times. This is why Riot gave him an ASU and updated everything about him except his gameplay and lore.

When Is The Updated Monk Coming?

Acolyte Lee Sin
This might be my new favourite Lee Sin skin. | © Riot Games

Lee Sin's ASU will release on the live server with Patch 14.9

Riot has written an entire article about every minute detail that the new Lee Sin will be getting but also their process in changing him up.

Feel free to check out their large article about the modernized Monk:

I'm actually incredibly excited about the ASU as his older skins and especially his smoothest skin Muay Thai started to feel a bit lacking. Even God Fist Lee Sin started to feel a bit bland, and I'm especially excited about this one after his ASU. Storm Dragon was already absolutely amazing, and the new Heavenscale Lee Sin has also been a great addition to his roster.

Are you excited for Lee's new looks? What is your new favourite skin?

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