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League of Legends: Riot Promises To Make Changes To New Mastery System

News 12-06-2024 17:30

Riot recently updated the champion mastery system, but it seems that most players hate the changes. Now, Riot is trying to appease the masses with some much-needed adjustments. 

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League of Legends: The new mastery system was not received well. | © Riot Games

Champion mastery is something that a lot of players are quite proud of, showing off the millions of points they've earned while mastering a single champion. Come on, we've all seen those annoying Yasuo mains that continuously flash their mastery emote, right?

Well, just a few weeks ago, Riot made some changes to the mastery system and League of Legends players hated it. As they always do when it comes to change. That's why Riot is now looking to make some adjustments to try and get the community on board. 

League of Legends: Upcoming Changes To Mastery 

The new mastery symbols are already getting an overhaul after the massive amounts of hate the current iteration received. League of Legends players aren't known to handle change very well, and it seems that the new mastery crests were a bit too different and too new for them to handle. So, now Riot is proposing a mix of the old and new. 

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What do you think of the new designs? | © Riot Games

On June 11, Riot showed off what they want the new and improved mastery crests to look like, adding in feedback from the community. The players were also asked to give feedback on the new designs before they go live, so Riot can adjust them and to implement any feasible changes so that everyone is happy with the new look. 

Many of you felt that the new visuals didn't match the League's aesthetic, so we've been working on a revised visual design. These integrate some aspects of the previous design into the new one. 

On Twitter/X Jordan "CestDommage" Checkman elaborated on the new mastery visuals, explaining that the team is trying to strike a balance between "respecting the previous mastery but updating it". He also explained that the team wants to develop these new crests with the players to get them just right, hence why any critique is welcome to create something all players will love. 

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