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NoWay Calls Out TFBlade

League of Legends Streamer NoWay4U Finally Calls Out Most Annoying Content Creator TFBlade

News 05-06-2024 17:55

NoWay did what many players and fans have been hoping for: he reported the content creator TFBlade to Riot.

No Way Agains TF Blade
Finally, someone took action against such content creators. | © NoWay4USir/TF Blade

NoWay and TF Blade are both skilled League of Legends players, typically hovering between grandmaster and challenger ranks. They both use their skills in League of Legends to create content, but they go about it in different ways.

While NoWay offers tips, TF Blade primarily plays against lower Elo players, exploiting their inexperience to boost the low Elo accounts. Who doesn't dislike playing against opponents like that?

Riot has announced several times that they want to take action against such players by banning their accounts. As we all know, Riot sometimes struggles and takes a while to address such issues. Therefore, NoWay lent them a helping hand and brought TF Blade's actions to their attention in a tweet. However, let's take a closer look at the situation.

How TF Blade Uses Newbies For Content

TF Blade, also known as Ashkan Homayouni, has made a name for himself in the LoL community by playing on various accounts in the highest ranks of the leaderboard.

Why not play at your own skill level? | © Riot Games

And right here is where the problem arises. He takes advantage of the inexperience of beginners for his content. He competes at a Challenger level against Iron, Bronze, and Silver players, reveling in it. However, the players in the ranked games don't find it amusing at all.

Even the Riot team is aware of the frustration that players at lower levels experience. Therefore, they have revised their rules and even included the following in their latest ranked guidelines:

However, the integrity of the Ranked system is still very important to us. If you’re a player who wants to make a new account, run it down, and beat up lower-ranked players for fun, we want to detect and ban your account.

However, since Riot sometimes struggles in enforcing such guidelines, NoWay has now taken the opportunity to bring TF Blade's "scheme" to the attention of the Riot team via X/Twitter.

While many players and fans are highly supportive of NoWay's initiative, there's a suspicion that Riot may not take action, considering it involves a prominent content creator who competes in the top tier of LoL.

Now, there may be some who believe that NoWay has engaged in similar practices with his smurf account for challenges like the "A to Z" project. However, it is reported that these smurfs are provided specifically by Riot. This type of smurfing shouldn't pose a problem for anyone.

So, whether TF Blade will face consequences remains uncertain, but we believe that such behavior should be penalized! After all, who doesn't hate having an overly skilled champion on the opposing team?

But let's instead turn our attention to more pleasant topics: