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Sertuss led his team to their first 2-0 week this split

Our LEC MVP for Week 4: SK's Sertuss

Sertuss was unstoppable in Week 4 | © Riot Games

After going 1-6 in the first three weeks of the LEC Summer Split, SK Gaming has achieved its first 2-0 week for the split. Their biggest strength this week was their rock solid mid laner and our weekly MVP - Daniel "Sertuss" Gamani.

Despite the organization's great pedigree as one of the eight teams present at the start of the European League of Legends Championship in 2013, SK Gaming's LoL team has not fared well lately. At the start of week 4 of the LEC 2022 Summer Split, they had only won one game in the seven they played. The team needed a change, and they needed it soon. Yet their schedule of the week was quite difficult - they would have to face first G2 Esports, the spring champions, and then an Excel Esports that had looked quite strong so far. It was a tough task - and the way he handled it makes SK Gaming's mid laner Sertuss our  LEC MVP for the week.


Making his Mark

The clash with G2 Esports was one that most fans would not expect SK to have an early lead in the mid-game, but that is just what happened. Sertuss' Akali was on fire early on, solo killing Rasmus "caPs" Borregaard Winther's Azir and taking four kills in the first 15 minutes. G2 were able to find some advantages in other lanes, but they had to prioritize killing or avoiding the fed Akali in teamfights - and that means giving Jean "Jezu" Massolon's Draven more space, which the SK ADC used to full extent. Sertuss ended the game with a 5/3/0 record that belies the amount of attention he got from G2.

On Saturday, SK Gaming faced Excel Esports. Now on Sylas, Sertuss was on fire as he showcased how scary the champion can be when used to roam or gank. Together with his jungler, he hunted down XL support Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle as he tried to set up vision, racking up kills and ensuring SK's dominance on the map, before setting up clutch flanks to lead his team to victory with an impressive 8/0/2 performance.


Stats of the Weekend




SK Gaming vs G2 Esports


SK Gaming vs Excel Esports



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Next week, SK Gaming will face off against Team BDS and MAD Lions. Will Sertuss continue leading his team to victory? Follow our LoL Esports coverage to find out!