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The Spring finalists coast through an upset-filled week

Rogue Alone in First Place after LEC Week 4


Mersa brought Amumu back in pro play and won! | © Riot Games

Rogue is, for now, the LEC king of the hill after they and MAD Lions remained undefeated in a very spicy week four that saw Excel Esports, Fnatic and G2 Esports all lose both their games.

After a week off, the LEC summer split returned on Friday for the last week of the first round robin. Fnatic, Excel Esports and Rogue entered the week tied for first place at 5-2, but three more teams were waiting just behind them for a weakness to pounce on. It was time to see who the top teams would be at the season midpoint.

Upsets Reign on Friday

The weekend started with a slow and tactical opening game between Astralis and Excel Esports. The favorites looked to have their game plan in the mid-game as they pulled Astralis apart, but a few misplays trying to get buildings cost them. A single pick led to a Baron and two kills for Astralis, who pushed for the Nexus and routed Excel in their own base to win the game.

In game two, Team BDS found no chink in MAD Lions’ armor. While the 2021 champions started slow, they amassed a significant gold lead. After a clean ace and the third dragon just 18 minutes in, the game was decided and MAD made no mistakes as they secured their fifth win. Things wouldn't be so clean when, Fnatic took on Misfits Gaming, however - while Fnatic had the better starts, Mertai "Mersa" Sari's Amumu support. The game dragged on until 37 minutes in,  when Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié’s Akali assassinated the enemy Caitlyn, leading to an ace and the victory for his team.

G2 Esports’ troubles continued in their game against SK Gaming. The German team got off to a strong start with early kills going to Daniel "Sertuss" Gamani’s Akali and while G2 had some good fights, it was not enough to turn the tide. Jean "Jezu" Massol’s Draven went on a rampage as the game went on, and his team closed out the game after an Elder dragon, two kills and a Baron 32 minutes in.

After a series of upsets, Rogue bucked the trend in the final game of the day. They got an early lead against Team Vitality and while a few mistakes led to the game getting equalized, Rogue remained a step ahead in teamfights. With fed carries and masterfully applied Taric ults by Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos secured the win.

SK the Giant-Killers

Despite Excel Esports getting the first blood in their Saturday bout against SK Gaming, the game quickly turned against them. SK’s mid and jungle duo caught XL support Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle several times and took over the map. Two kills 24 minutes in led to a Baron for SK and with it, they took over the map to secure their third win and their first 2-0 week this season.

If Astralis had hoped to get another slow game like on Friday, MAD Lions quickly disappointed them, setting a punishing early pace and camping top laner Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamás, who was set far behind. Astralis fought back and made it a very competitive game, even nearly winning off a desperate backdoor after MAD took Elder drake, but it was not enough.

Game three featured Team BDS and Rogue and this time, there were no surprises: Rogue got an early objective and gold lead and never looked back. An early Baron helped them break into the enemy base and 26 minutes in, they got two inhibitors and won the teamfight to end the game. Next, Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports had a very even game. Misfits had the early drake lead, but G2 was ahead in gold and was able to control the dragon pit in the mid-game. In the end, G2 traded the second Baron to get the infernal soul, only to end up routed as Misfits secured their fifth consecutive win.

Team Vitality and Fnatic faced off in the last game of the week and it delivered some early action, with both teams getting kills. Barney "Alphari"  Morris’ Gangplank took off with four kills in the opening ten minutes, brutally exploiting the enemy Kayle. Fnatic tried to fight buck, but 30 minutes in a clutch stolen Renata ult by Luka "Perkz" Perković’s Sylas decimated their frontline and Vitality took the key win.

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The LEC continues next week on Friday, July 22nd, with a match between Team BDS and SK Gaming. For more LoL news and analysis, follow our coverage here!